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14 Aug 2015

Being Negative Online

This week I have been feeling really crappy. I have so many things on my mind right now and it was one of those weeks where I wished I could be anyone else but me. Do you ever feel like you're the unluckiest person in the world, like nothing ever seems to go right for you? and then you look around and everyone else seems to have the perfect life and you wonder why you had to be so misfortune to end up with the life you got?! It's sounds awful I know, because I really am incredibly lucky to have the life I have. I saw the quote "Someone else would kill for your 'bad' day" and it really struck me because it is so true. I have so many things that a large percentage of the worlds population don't - health, shelter, food, an education, the list goes on.

Despite being aware of this I was still a moody lil' biatch for the majority of the week. I have just been feeling seriously unmotivated to do anything. Everything just seems so hopeless and when I stop and think about things in my life for too long I get really upset at how unhappy I am with some aspects of it. 

God I really hate complaining like this on here. I like to be positive and cheery and share the good stuff. But I think it's important to be real too. I want to be transparent, I want to be relatable to all of my lovely blogging friend and besides, why is it so bad to talk about feeling down? It's a valid emotion that we all experience. We all get stressed and feel hopeless at times and I don't see why we, as bloggers who share our lives, shouldn't share those parts of life too.

I was looking at my Instagram which is basically a summation of our lives in little cubes and I was thinking how nice my feed looks. It's full of pictures of flowers, carefully constructed selfies, delicious food and lovely days out and I thought "God, I wish that's all my life really was" There is so much going on below the surface, some issues bigger than others but they are there. The thing is it's not just me, EVERYONE is the same, we all have our problems, fears, worries and stresses and I just think it sucks how we all try to hide them. I'm not saying we should tell everyone every detail of our personal lives on our blogs, twitter or Instagram but sometimes it's just nice when someone recognises the fact that there actually having a shit day so you realise that it's ok, you're not the only one. It makes you feel less alone in your loneliness because if we're all alone, we're all together in that too. 

Right, It's time to stop because I think I am probably beginning to not make sense, this is a bit of a word vomit post haha. 

Let me know in the comments what you think of being negative online, should we filter everything to look and sound perfect or should we recognise when we are feeling down, realise that it's ok, we all feel like this and give each other virtual hugs? I definitely want to say the latter.


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