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12 Aug 2015

A Rainy Day in Cong

Hey everyone! Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went on a little road trip to the village of Cong. Friday was a beautiful day so we presumed Saturday would be the same, we were wrong, veeery wrong. It was a yucky drizzly day but we didn't let that stop our plans! Cong is a really cute little touristy village situated on a small island surrounded by streams. It is right next to Lough Corrib, the biggest lake in the Republic. The village was also the setting of a really famous 1950's Hollywood movie called 'The Quiet Man' so there are lots of references to that throughout the place. Such as cafés and bars named after it and the statue of the protagonists. 

It has an astonishing Castle that is now a 5 star hotel right on the shores of Lough Corrib. The castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens and grounds. We didn't get to get too close to the castle or walk around the grounds because there was a charge of €5 each and since it was raining we figured it wouldn't be worth it. Instead we took a short walk over one of the streams up as far as the castle. We then went to the pub for some food and to watch a bit of a Gaelic football match. So Irish. 

The last time (and only other time) I was in Cong it was a really gorgeous day and it looked so beautiful. The lake and streams were sparkling in the sun and the village is so quaint and traditionally Irish. It still looked rather pretty in the miserable weather so I took some snaps to share with you all on here, I hope you like them!
I do love going off the beaten track for a bit and spending some time in a new environment, I really want to visit some more places that are close to me but I've never been to, even if we do end up spending most of the visit in the pub due to the typically rubbish weather - it's still fun! 

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