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10 Jul 2015

Things I think of Whilst Drunk

Hey guys and dolls! A couple of months ago I wrote this post listing some of the things I think of whilst driving and I decided another post of this nature was due! I loooove these kind of posts. Both reading them and writing them. It's so fun to feel like you can relate to someone. Today, I'm going to share with you some of the things I think and say when I am drunk. I don't want to sound wild here.... I don't get drunk very often at all. Once every 2 months at the very most, and I always try to drink responsibly, pace myself and stop when I know I've had enough. I like to get to a good tipsy-happy stage and this is usually what I'm thinking...

  • Why are the seagulls out at this time of night? Shouldn't they be asleep? Do they ever sleep? 
  • Oh my God, I just love you, I really love you so much, you make my life so much better!
  • AGH I'M SO HAPPY. Everything is amazing. Life is wonderful. I'm 22 and these are the times of my life!
  • Of course I can afford to buy another round of drinks YOLO.
  • I want to hug everyone! Even that stranger in the bathroom because she gave me some toilet paper when mine was gone. What a kind soul.
  • I absolutely hate the taste of Jaeger bombs but of course I will have one!
  • I really should fix up my lipstick and eye-liner....ahhh feck it it's grand, I look GREAT!
  • Mixing drinks is totally fine, I will be graaaand!
  • Wait, I should probably drink a glass of water now.
  • Don't even try hit on me right now because I don't know whether you're hot or I'm looking at you through beer goggles.
  • OMG I love this song! it brings back so many good memories...oh God, I'm going to cry now.. those were some good times.
  • I miss my friends I haven't seen in ages, I need to Facebook message them NOW even though it's 2am, YOLO.
  • Why can't I stop thinking of my boyfriend/ex I should text him at let him know I'm thinking of him/love him...lets just be honest and share how we really feel, life is too short!
  • I love life. I'm so glad I got to be born. 
  • WHY did I decide to wear a playsuit....it's taking me 20 mins to go for a pee! *Shouts in the bathroom* "Help, someone help me do it up" 
  • Oh God I could really go for some food now. Right everyone, lets go... I'm starving and need pizza or I think I'm legit going to die!
  • Hmm should I get a pizza or a burger. I'll get both, life is too short not to get both.
  • *Passing out over food* I am sooooo tired. Someone call a cab. I need my bed!
  • Ugh who's got time to take off their make-up and put on pyjamas *plonks on bed*
  • WAIT. I must think ahead and get a glass of water or my mouth will be like the Sahara dessert in the morning...ah feck it, I can't move.

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