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12 Jul 2015

The Love/Hate Tag

Hey everyone! It's been sooooo long since I last did a tag post so when I was tagged by Ashley to do the Love/Hate tag I thought why not! Some people might think tags are a lazy attempt at a blog post but I actually find them really enjoyable to read especially ones like these where you get to know the blogger a little bit better. 


The rules are simple - List ten things you love and ten things you hate (dislike) then tag 10 bloggers to do the tag next.


  1. My nieces & nephew - I love all of my family of course, I really am so lucky to have such a close and loving family. But my nieces and nephew are so little, cute and fun. They can brighten up the dullest of days and there is no medicine quiet like one of their hugs.
  2. Make-Up - I really love make-up. You might find that hard to believe as this isn't exactly a beauty blog. I guess I just don't really enjoy writing reviews and things like that but I do really love trying out new make-up. It's so fun to experiment with. It's probably what I spend most of my money on - lipsticks in particular!
  3. Blogging & reading blogs - This may be an obvious one but golly gosh do I love blogging. I'm pretty much obsessed with so many blogs and I of course love writing my own here. It allows me to get things off my mind and to express my creativity. It makes me so happy.
  4. Pizza - I was going to just write food because I really do love stuffing my face with almost anything but I thought I would be more specific and say pizza because that is definitely one of my favs. I will go for almost any topping too but surprisingly, I don't like pepperoni!
  5. 'Home & Away' - I watch 'Home and Away' every single day without fail. I just love the sunny setting and how everyone is so lovely and kind to each other (in general) compared to every other soap *cough* 'Eastenders' *cough*
  6. Being in nature - Whether it's going for a walk down the road or taking a trip to the beach on a sunny day I really don't think there's anything better than being outdoors in the fresh air. I'm soooo glad I live in the countryside, if I'm in the city even just for a day I'm dreaming about seeing some fields and hearing the silence.
  7. My dog Nicky - If you've been reading my blog for awhile you will be well aware of how much in love with my dog I am. He is sooooo cute guys. He does the silliest things. For example, he plays with one little piece of food for ages, basically dances with it before eating it. He's so entertaining and makes me very happy.
  8. Spending time with friends - Hanging out with my friends is definitely something I absolutely love. Being around people who love you and have fun with you really does make you forget about all your worries! It doesn't matter if it's a night out or sat at home watching a dvd.
  9. Music - Well, who doesn't love music? I've never heard anyone say they disliked music. Imagine life without it?! I can't say what genre in particular I like because for me it's more about how the song makes you feel than the genre.
  10. Sleeping In - I am certainly not a morning person so it will come as no surprise that I love not having to get up to an alarm. What's better? waking up thinking you need to be up, realising you don't and falling back in to a blissful sleep, haha.


  1. Flacky people - You know when people make really fun plans with you and you're sooo excited and preparing for days and then they call you up last minute saying they can't go because their aunties friends cousins dog went missing. That, I hate that.
  2. Cheese & onion crisps - Give me pretty much any other flavour of crisp and I will eat them happily. But really, cheese and onion leave a taste in my mouth that lasts for days eeeew.
  3. Traffic - Ugh I really hate traffic. The bumper to bumper, not moving at all kind. It makes me want to cry in my car.
  4. Seeing students outside of school - This makes me feel very uncomfortable. We all remember how awful it was seeing teachers outside of school, trust me, it's worse for the teacher. 
  5. Calls from unknown numbers - They freak me out every time and I think I'm in trouble somehow (don't ask how) I never answer and feel so anxious after wondering who it was.
  6. How I over-think things - I am such a worrier and read in to the smallest of things, often coming to the worst conclusion. It's very annoying.
  7. Rain in summer - You'd think I'd have accepted that it rains alot all year round here in Ireland but nope. It still pisses me off to no end. Today for example it was bucketing down! I want to be able to go outside and do fun things but the weather ruins everything. Going to the cinema gets boring!
  8. Tidying my room - I more hate how I can't keep it tidy. I have to tidy it SO often. Seriously, I don't know how it gets so messy so quick, I try to keep it neat I really do!
  9. Ignorance - Ashley said this too but I really hate when people are so selfish and can't see things from the perspectives of others, some people can be so rude and refuse to open their minds.
  10. Awkward silences - I absolutely hate when you're with someone who you're not very comfortable with and there's a silence and you're trying to think of what to say but then you think that whatever you do say would sound stupid and you get more and more uncomfortable.
There we have it some of my little loves and hates that come to mind! Now time for me to tag ten other bloggers to do this tag if they would like to. I'm going to be kinda random and choose the last 10 people who commented on my blog!...


Thanks for commenting lately girls! I hope you get a chance to do the tag, if you do - leave a link to the post below!

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