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24 Jul 2015

Patricia Piccinni's Relativity Art Expo

Hello my lovely blogging friends! A somewhat different blog post from me today, different in just about every sense of the word! In my summer bucket list post I said I wanted to go to Patricia Piccini's art exhibition whilst her work is in Galway, I also said I wanted to record more things I have done and put them on my blog so I guess I'm really sticking to my bucket list hey!

The Galway Arts Festival is an annual event that has been running here in Galway (duh!) for the past two weeks. Basically, throughout the two weeks the finest art, music, literature, theatre, dance, comedy and so on are showcased in the city. The highlight of it is the music festival where this year Kodaline, The Corana's, St.Vincent, Little Green Cars, Damien Rice and lots more have played. Sadly I didn't get tickets to any of the gigs (I'm not much of a gig person anyway!) 

Some of my friends were talking about this exhibition of Patricia Piccinni's sculptures that was happening as part of the arts festival. They were saying how strange they were and I really wanted to go and witness the weirdness for myself. So on Wednesday when my boyfriend and I were around the city I forced him to come. Hey, it's something different to do, right?!

So here are some of the pretty unsettling creations by the artist on display.
If you would like to know a little more about the artist and what the sculptures are about you can read the little extract above that was on one of the walls.
Freaky stuff huh? The children looked so life-like! When I walked in the door and saw the little boy on all the chairs I had a rush of panic of out of fear for his safety until I realised he wasn't real, haha. There were one or two other things on display also, but they were so disgusting I didn't want to look at them long enough to photograph...one thing looked like some testicles flattened against a wall. Very odd indeed. Overall though, despite some of the disgusting-ness it was pretty cool to see. 

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