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19 Jul 2015

Five Happy Things

Wow it's been around 2 months since I last posted a 'five happy things' post. I've been kind of chill on the blog front lately but I really want to bring back this series as I really enjoy recording my week and searching for the things that made me happy. Sometimes it's really easy to overlook the happy things and take them for granted especially when you're having a difficult week. This week hasn't been the best one for me. I have been so worried about something (that I probably have no reason to be worried about) that I have been feeling physically ill in my stomach, it is not fun. Anyway, time to forget about that and focus on the good stuff.
1/ Spending time outdoors in the very rare Irish sunshine at the beginning of the week was lovely. Raking up the cut grass with my brother, niece and nephew. Bringing my niece to the playground and being a kid myself by going on everything with her was far too much fun. 

2/ Going for a walk in a place in the city I have never been to before with my boyfriend followed by some caual spaghetti bolognaise on the bed and 'Into The Wild' on the laptop. It's the simple things y'know?!

3/ Getting to bed early on Wednesday night and streaming (probably illegally but shhh) 'The Longest Ride' - such a cute and romantic movie. But it is Nicholas Sparks so what else is to be expected. Go and see it girls!

4/ New bed sheets - really, is there anything better than getting in to fresh bed sheets? Nope, I don't think there is.

5/ Pasta Parmesana has become my comfort food this week. All them carbs, I know, I know. But how can I resist such delicious cheesy goodness!

This week was pretty unevenful, as you can probably tell haha. Somehow, I am wrecked though. I just can't function with less than 8 hours sleep and I stayed up really late last night watching 50 shades of Grey. Full of regrets, not just because I'm tired now but because the movie was pretty terrible! haha. Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend.

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