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8 Jul 2015

An Evening in Verona, Italy

Hey guys and dolls! Time for my last post about my amazing trip to Italia. Honestly, I'm saving the best 'til last because I absolutely adored Verona! My family and I hadn't initially planned on visiting Verona during our stay at Lake Garda, but one evening we had some free time and since we had rented out a 9 seater car we thought why not go and explore the country a little. I was the one to suggest Verona because I knew it was only 30km away and I love seeing cities, especially ones so rich in culture and the setting of the most romantic love story in the world - Rome and Juliet.

When we had parked our car in Verona we walked up to a huge plaza by an amphitheatre, it looked like the centre of the city so we thought it was a good place to start! It was just our luck that a little tourist train had just pulled up. We hopped on and got to see the sights of the whole city for just €5 per person.

I was absolutely in awe during the train ride. The architecture was so stunning. It was full of amazing churches, castles and bell towers reminding me of the amazing history of the city.
Juliet's house was down a little alleyway off of a pedestrian street so when we got off the tourist train we went on a quest to find it and take a selfie in front of the balcony off of which the famous line "Romeo, Romeo where for art thou Romeo" was uttered. The walls of the alleyway on to the opening where the house stood were covered in love notes written by tourists.I hope you got a little insight into what Verona is like. But really you got to be there to feel the atmosphere of this gorgeous city. So if you're every in northern Italy, you know this is one city you mustn't pass out!

If you want to find out more about my trip to Italy in general and the Lake Garda region where I spent the week then have a read of this blog post. If you want to see what Venice is like you can read all about that here.
Let me know in the comments what your favourite city you have visited is!

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