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29 Jun 2015

My Current Feelings Towards Blogging

It's 2.10am and I have no idea why I am still up but I'm just not tired and catching up on some of my favourite blogs is a far more appealing option than bed right now! I'll regret this in the morning no doubt and I will be super mad I didn't get into bed when I could. 

I have been thinking so much about blogging lately which may surprise you as I have been a bit dormant around these parts, only posting twice this month which is unusual for me. I have been thinking about how much I really love blogging, how it allows me to be so creative and have so much fun but at the same time I'm at a complete loss as to what to write about.

Whatever ideas I do come up with I either think they would take far too much effort or just wouldn't be 'good enough' for the blogging world. I guess I see so many amazing bloggers and blogs out there who treat blogging so seriously, who carefully plan out what they are going to post about, how they are going to promote it, how to get more traffic to it and how to ultimately grow their blog. Seeing all of this makes me think that this is what I NEED to be doing too. 

Being influenced by others can be a great thing. It inspires me and motivates me but sometimes I wish that I could do whatever the heck I wanted without worrying whether or not it's good enough to put out in to the amazing 'blogging world' or if anyone else would do it / find it interesting. For example, right now I'm thinking I shouldn't write this blog post because some of the rules of blogging are - 'make drafts' (this will be only written once), 'post at peak times' (um 2am is hardly the height of activity) and 'have something important/useful/interesting to say' (I don't even know what  this post is about) otherwise there is absolutely no point in writing this because it won't 'grow my blog' in any way. 

But maybe there is a point in writing this? These are my thoughts and feelings and that's what should be put on a blog. A blog is PERSONAL so why shouldn't I write what I want to write without worrying so much about whether or not it's of a high enough standard. 

I really want my blog to be a place I can go to and just write out my train of thoughts whenever and wherever I want because that's what I enjoy doing and it really benefits me. I want to stop worrying so much about what people will think. Who cares if this post only gets 10 views, I want this to just be my space for ME and if someone else wants to join in then that's amazing. 

So I'm trying to make that switch in my brain. To move my mind frame around blogging and to start seeing it differently. I want to stop letting it scare me. I am feeling uncomfortable with my blog at the moment because I am putting so much pressure on myself for it to be really good. I want to embrace it again and not be afraid to use it how I wish. 

I'm not sure if I explained myself very well or if any of this made sense, but if you think it did and you can empathise, do let me know in the comments so we can give each other a little virtual encouraging pat on the back!

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