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24 Jun 2015

Beautiful Lake Garda, Italy

Hey everyone! So if you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter or if you have read my last blog post you will know that I am just back from a week in Italy. I went with my parents, brother, sister and my sisters husband and three kids so it was a big family affair. I have decided to make three blog posts about the trip. This one will be an overview of our whole week by the lake. The next one will focus on our half a day in Verona and my final one will be all about our day trip to lovely Venice.

We stayed at a Euro camp called Bella Italia which is on the shores of Lake Garda in Northern Italy. It was a huge camp consisting of loads of bungalows, apartments and caravans. My sister and her family had a bungalow whilst the rest of us had an apartment. The camp had four amazing outdoor pools, several bars and restaurants, a supermarket, and heaps of activities going on throughout the day. You honestly wouldn't need to leave the camp at all because it had everything and there was lots to do.
The lake itself was absolutely gorgeous with perfect clean and clear water. It had a little pebble beach at our shore with a gorgeous backdrop of high mountains. The lake was full of swans and ducks which were actually quiet friendly and there would always be little kids feeding them.

On Monday, we rented out a boat to take on the lake. It was €55 for one hour and it was so worth it! It was so beautiful out on the lake and we all had a turn at driving the boat. I never felt as cool as I did right at that moment, haha! My niece Sophie said "this is the life" whilst we were on the boat and she sure is right, if only we could do this every day, right?!

The water park at the camp was so much fun. God, I really miss the pool. What I wouldn't do to be back in that lovely heat where jumping in the cold water was such a relief. Then coming out and sunbathing on a lounger for a while. Overall the holiday wasn't very relaxing, there was a lot of going and traveling but we did spend a couple of hours, two or three days chilling by the pool, which was lovely.
On the Wednesday we went for a mooch around the little town closet to where we were staying called Pescheira and it was stunning. Very Italian, complete with cobble streets, shutters and flower window boxes on balcony's. We went for dinner on a little floating restaurant on the river and it was definitely my favourite place we ate at all week (we went out for dinner every night) I had the most delicious pasta with mozarella balls (I had pizza nearly so much so this was a good change) and it was just a beautiful setting, at sunset with my whole family.
On the last day of our holidays we took a drive by the lake (we had rented a 9 seater car!) we went up through some really high mountains. Seriously, my mum was freaking out we were up so high, and all our ears popped haha. We drove through some of the cutest little Italian towns and villiages and we decided to stop in a little town called Malcesine to get some food (pizza for me of course!). This placed looked amazing, it was nestled in between the mountains and the lake and had a huge castle on its shore.
I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse into my holiday to Italy. This just skims the surface of the amazing week I had but it's some of the highlights and some of the best pictures (I took over 700 oops!) Overall, I really loved Italy, it's such an impressive country. It's so green and beautiful with gorgeous flowers everywhere. The people are so friendly and the food is amazing. I would definitely go back to Italy again, I would love to see more of the country.
Watch out for my blog posts all about Verona and Venice coming up soon! Have any of you been to Italy? If so, what part? Where should I go to next?!

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