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27 May 2015

Words on Wednesday

Hey Guys! I thought I would start a new series that I love reading on a lot of my friends blogs, it's 'Words on Wednesday' except I thought I would put a bit of a twist in and upload images I have drawn myself. Let me start by saying that I am NO artists. I'm not going to strive for perfection when doing these, I'll use my first drafts mostly because I actually quiet like all the little mistakes - makes it more personal, right?....agree with me guys haha. Most of the typography I do is inspired by images on Pinterest; I'll save them here.

Anyways, back to today's words "So you plant your garden & decorate your own soul instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers". The most obvious connotation of this is relationships. A lot of single women (and men) sit around, deciding to be sad because of their idea that their lives can't be complete until they have someone to share it with. I hate the whole idea of 'other half' um, YOU are a full person by yourself. Go out and make your own happiness, you don't need someone else to complete you.

For me, personally, I tend to not do things that I want to do just because my friends don't want to do it. Whether it's drive out to some secluded beach in the middle of nowhere to take pictures (which they think I'm crazy for) or go to see some movie in the cinema which they think would be a load of crap. Maybe, I can do these things by myself? and decorate my own soul. Who's to say we can't do things alone if they will make us happier!

Let me know what you think of the quote in the comments down below!


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