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12 May 2015

Things I think of whilst driving


Does anyone else go into that weird driving conscience when you're driving a long distance, where you're just focusing on the road and your driving, and thoughts are running through your head without you even realising you're thinking of them? Then you snap out of it and remember your name again and wonder where you were the last 10 minutes.

 No? Just me?

 Well here are some things that go through my mind in that weird subconscious state.

  • I wonder who the people in that car are. Where are they going? What's their story. Isn't it crazy that all of these people have their own story.
  • Get off your phone, you fucking idiot.
  • No we could have made it, damn you!
  • Pedestrians, UGH.
  • Cyclists, GET IN THE CYCLE LANE.
  • Whyyy is this guy stuck up my arse?
  • I wonder what I look like when I'm driving.
  • How bloody dare you pull out in front of me.
  • Ugghhhh the rain is at that state where I can't decide between fast or slow wipers.
  • Imagine if I got in a crash.
  • FUCK FUCK it's the cops. I'm doing nothing wrong but OMG.
  • There's a speed camera, so? no need to go HALF the limit.
  • It's too hot *turns off heater* It's freezing.
  • Why are they speaking on all the radio stations. I WANT MUSIC.
  • Road kill. Revert your eyes. DO NOT LOOK.
  • Imagine if our cars were invisible and you could see people zooming through mid air. Like, our bodies are moving so fast right now. How do we not feel sick?
So they are just some of the things that regularly cross my mind whilst I am driving. Let me know down below if you think of any of these too! Feel free to judge me on some of those weird thoughts!

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