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19 May 2015

My First Food Post

Hey guys!

Ok so we are all aware here that I'm not a great blogger really. I'm not the most professional and I don't have super beautiful, bright and perfectly positioned photographs. *Sigh* I wish I was one of those bloggers haha. Nevertheless, I thought I'd try to do something that those really good bloggers do and share a recent yummy meal with you guys!

So if you've read my 'Five Happy Things' post from last week you will know that it was my Nieces Communion last Saturday. The food was glorious and since I had my big girl camera I decided to take pics of my food for a blog post...So, here goes - my first foodie post! 

For starters, I had battered mushrooms with garlic sauce and salad. Guys, it was unreal (yum!). I wish I could make food this good at home. I usually go for soup for starters but I am glad I went for this. I can't believe so many people don't like mushrooms. I bet you don't like them? haha.
For mains, the menu was Beef, Salmon, Turkey and Ham or some kind of pasta dish. I went for the good old reliable turkey and ham. I'm literally mmmming as I look at these pictures. That gravy was absolutely beautiful. The ham was tucked under the turkey with stuffing and a gorgeous roasted potato. We also got a side serving of a vegetable mixture and they were lush. And that's my Bulmers too, I'm definitely a cider girl, little fact for ya there!
So far I haven't done too bad being a cool professional blogger doing a food post, have I? Ya this is where it ends. I forgot to take a picture of my dessert before I horsed in to it. Oops. Such a fail. Anyways, this was a dessert quartet with samples of four different desserts. There was banoffee pie, chocolate brownie, a strawberry and meringue and a very disgusting apricot thing (that yellow blob) I am really not a dessert person, which makes it all the more annoying that I didn't take a picture as it took me awhile to start, but I just didn't remember haha! Anyways, here's a very appealing picture of the leftovers...
And finally, there was tea and chocolate cake. It was lovely. Very fluffy, light and not too chocolatey.
Oh and if you're wondering what on earth 'Caoimhe' is...it's my nieces name. It's pronounced Kwee-va. You're probably thinking how is that pronounced that way. The Irish language is peculiar if you don't know it haha . 

Anyways, Let me know what you think of my first food post! Actually, maybe don't, because it wasn't the best. Haha, I'll get better though and Ill try to remember to take proper pictures, I promise. 

Have a lovely week friends! 

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