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9 May 2015

Five Happy Things

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? I hope you all had a lovely week. Mine was full of ups and downs as all weeks are, life is tough, eh? But this blog post is all about me being grateful and positive about all the things that have happened this week. Lets all stop and think about how incredibly lucky we are!
Ok, so here are five things that made me happy this week. 
  1. Seeing the Cinderella movie last Sunday with my nieces was a lovely way to spend the afternoon. It's such a lovely and cute movie. Very girly. Now, where's my Prince Charming? hehe.
  2. Being blog of the month over on Wendy's Blog 'Fashionable Heart' was such an honour. It's moments like these that I realise just how much I love the entire blogging community and how everyone is so encouraging and kind. It really is my favourite aspect of blogging, I feel like I have made so many lovely friends. 
  3. Walking in the rain So this is usually something I don't like but I found the joy in it this week. I took Nicky for a short walk and the heavens absolutely opened. I went and sheltered under a big evergreen tree, I just sat on the ground under it for ages with my little doggy and it was very peaceful and weirdly comforting to be nice and dry whilst looking out at the rain pelting down.
  4. Shopping on Saturday with my niece was fun! It's her first holy communion soon and as I'm her God Mother I wanted to buy her something special to mark the occasion, I was thinking a pretty watch but she had her heart set on a Claddagh ring with her birthstone on it so that's what she got! Now lets hope she doesn't lose it, we all know what 8 year olds are like! haha.
  5. Playing Donkey Kong I wired the Wii up to the TV again this week and started playing Donkey Kong. Probably a bad idea as it is the ultimate procrastinating tool but I forgot how much I loved this game, and just video games in general. They're such a good way to escape and to distract your mind.
As always, I would love to know how your week was in the comments down below. What was your favourite thing about it? 

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