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24 May 2015

Five Happy Things

It's taking me so long to write this because I am hungover and oh so tired! It's 1am....I think I might schedule this for the morning at this stage haha! This week was pretty great. Very eventful and certainly a happy one. It was my first week off after finishing work so I've had a lot of new free time which I can't say I necessarily spent wisely. Maybe a few too many sleep-ins this week, what can I say - I love my bed! Anyways, on to the five little things that made me happy this week.
  1. Post spending ban splurge - Ok so I wouldn't necessarily say splurge but after being on a serious spending ban for the last two months it felt SO good to buy things I did not need. Mostly make-up. Gosh, buying make-up makes me so happy, for like a day, until I see something else I 'need' haha. I bought a Sleek eye shadow palette in 'Au natural' LOVE IT. I also got Rimmel, brow this way and some Wet n' Wild lippies. Happpyyy.
  2. Reunited with friends - I got reunited with my bestie this week after she came home from university. We went out Friday night and had a blast. It was nice to blow off some steam, although I am paying for it today. Oh well, you're only young once sure haha. That's my selfie of the night up there! Lovin' the Barbie like lipstick - it's Wet n' Wild 'mauve outta here' 
  3. Voting YES for same-sex marriage - I wrote a blog post about this here. But Friday really was a great day. I was so excited to go out and vote yes to make Ireland the first country in the world to legalise marriage by popular vote. I really feel that this wasn't just a referendum, it was a social revolution. A confirmation of how accepting and open-minded our society has become in the last few years. I've never been so proud to be Irish. 
  4. Lunch date with mum - Mum and I go out for lunch together most weeks but I thought I would recognise it as something that makes me happy. Because it really does, every week. Anything with food involved makes me happy, and well I love my mammy! haha.
  5. Photography Job - I did my first photography 'job' last week, for my sisters friends son's (got it?) communion. But this week I got the photographs printed out and I'm so happy with how they turned out. I would love to do more little jobs like this, it's so much fun and I spent my earnings on a camera bag so I'm very happy about that! Use protection people! hehe.
So they were some of my simple pleasures of the week. I'm very happy at the moment and excited for the summer ahead. 

Let me know in the comments section down below how your week was, and what your plans for next week are!

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