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28 May 2015

A Food Filled Sunday

Last Sunday was a Super Sunday in every sense of the word. It was my cousins confirmation so my family and I travelled down to County Clare to spend the day with our favourite relatives. We went out for the most amazing dinner in a hotel in the town and MY GOD was the food delicious. Get ready for some serious food porn...

The menu was amazing, there was so much choice. For starters, I went for a peri peri chicken salad. I really wish I wrote down the fancy name and details of the dishes from the menu but this was quite simply the tastiest salad I ever had. Who knew that oranges in a salad could work quite so well?! It also contained lettuce, onions, tomatoes, feta cheese, nuts, and probably other fancy stuff I'm not familiar with. Drool...
For the main course, I went for the beef with a gorgeous horseradish sauce and Yorkshire pudding. I was pretty full after the salad but don't worry, I managed to squeeze most of this in too. The beef was lovely and tinder and it was all oh-so tasty. 

The final meal I had in the hotel was a Rhubarb and Strawberry crumble with custard. This was a top class dessert. It was so hot and delicious and just wow. That's coming from someone who isn't a dessert person at all. This would be absolute heaven for those of you with a sweet tooth. 
All of the food in this hotel was superb and I found myself wishing I got what everyone else got even though I loved my own orders haha. 
My family and I spent some time in the hotel having drinks and watching a hurling match between Clare and Limerick. Everyone was super disappointed when Clare lost by one point, but it sure didn't ruin our day! We then went home to my cousins house and after a while of chats and giggles my cousins cracked out this amazing snickers cheese-cake. It was quickly gobbled up by 9 adults although I didn't have much, only a taste because I was still stuffed. It was yummy. Looking at this picture makes me wish I could have it now when I actually might be able to eat it haha!
As you can see Sunday was a fantastic day with the amazing food being one of the highlights. Yum Yum Yum. I was so spoiled these past two weekends with 3 course meals. And I'm really glad I got to make them in to blog posts! I definitely want to do more food/what I ate posts in the future. Maybe I'll share what I eat in Italy! Fun times.

I hope you're all having a good week and are happy that tomorrow is Friday! It's a bank holiday weekend here in Ireland, is it where you are?

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