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5 Apr 2015

Photo Diary | Easter Sunday

As I am writing this I am in somewhat of a food coma from all of the chocolate treats I've ate all day. I won't need chocolate again for a month!...OK maybe a week. I took a few snaps throughout the day so I could document it on here so keep reading if you wanna see how I spent my Easter Sunday!

Well as I previously admitted, most of the day was spent eating chocolate. They're was just so much available how could I possibly resist? For me, nothing beats cadbury's chocolate and I may have devoured the above photo shortly after I took it. Oops.

What I put on my face today. I thought someone might like to know haha. It was one of those days where I just didn't feel like wearing too much make-up so I kept the look fairly natural with a nice bright pink lip  for spring.

Well at the end of the day Easter isn't really about bunnies or chocolate eggs so I did go to church this morning to celebrate the resurrection. The church I go to is huge and it was packed. So many people were standing up! It was a nice ceremony, I love how joyful Easter Sunday is, the choir music is just the best.

I had a delicious roast dinner with my family. We had turkey this year. We usually have lamb which I do not miss as it's one meat I really don't like. So this year was pretty similar to Christmas dinner (but not quiet as good!)

My nieces, of course spent the entire day fighting over Easter eggs. That's 7 and 8 year olds for ya I suppose! haha.

Guys, I don't know about where you are but the weather was GLORIOUS here today. I actually spent an hour outside just laying in the sun. OMG, haven't done that in so long. My nephew and Nicky had so much fun chasing each other around the garden. They are really funny together.

And again, more chocolate! These are so God damn good. 

That's pretty much been my day. I went to visit my friend for an hour in the evening for a quick catch-up which was nice too but obviously, I didn't photograph her, might have been weird. Haha.

Right, I gotta go and make some food, I'm starving! (yup I know I was stuffed when I started writing this post, I guess chocolate doesn't sustain us for very long haha)

I'd love to know how your weekend was. What did you get up to on Easter Sunday? Let me know in the comment section down below my lovelies x

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Sinead Dreaming said...

A lot like my day too. I am now in a chocolate coma :( xx

Sinead Dreaming said...

Your Easter looks so fun! Your nephew & dog are so cute!! Love your blog :) xx


Sinead Dreaming said...

Your Easter looked lovely! :) Mine was similar but we had cake as we were also celebrating a birthday!

Renee | Lose The Road

Sinead Dreaming said...

Great post! Your Easter looks like fun....I especially love that chocolate egg! :)


Sinead Dreaming said...

Looks like you had such a fun Easter Sunday, filled with lots of chocolate! haha. And I'm jealous of your weather! I want to lay out in the sun, but it's been a bit rainy over where I live. As for my Easter Sunday, I went to church in the morning & then spent the rest of the day with friends & family.

Sinead Dreaming said...

Glad you had a great, chocolate covered easter ;) x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Ya the weather makes it much better! sounds like you're easter was very similar to mine :) x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Thanks Madeline, I hope yours was fun too xx

Sinead Dreaming said...

Awh thanks! Yes they're very cute :) x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Mine was pretty much the same! The usual chocolate eating for breakfast dinner and tea! Those cupcakes look amazing & mini eggs are a total fave! Hope you enjoyed your Easter too :)

Kirsty - Think Like Kirst x

Sinead Dreaming said...

I could eat mini eggs until the cows come home :P x


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