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18 Apr 2015

Five Happy Things

Hey everyone! Happy weekend! It's Saturday night as I'm writing this and I am sitting in with my pj's on chilaxing, I am a wild child. I spent the day in town though and please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks walking around and shopping all day is exhausting?

Anyways, on to my Five Happy Things of the week that was!

  1. Birthday Parties - This week saw two birthdays. One of my best childhood friends had her 21st birthday party last weekend. It was lovely to catch up with her, her family and some of her friends! we had drinks, finger food, taco fries (YUM) and danced so much! It was also my niece Sophie's 7th birthday on Thursday and she was so excited to be so big now. She's having her party tomorrow (Sunday) it's going to be lovely in this weather so I'm really looking forward to it!
  2. Back to School - I went back to school after the Easter break which was bitter sweet I guess because I did enjoy the break but it was also lovely to be back. I'm happy to be back in to a routine because my sleeping pattern was starting to slide haha!
  3. Shopping Days - I had two enjoyable days in town this week. One with my mum and the other with my sister. I didn't buy too much, just some bits from Penneys (Primark) and a pressie for my niece. But I do like having a mooch around the city.
  4. Relaxing in the Sunshine - It was so gloriously sunny again this week which is fantastic and puts ya in a great mood! I loved coming home after a stressful day and sitting outside with my face in the sun.
  5. Engagement Celebrations - One of the teachers in school got engaged over the break so all the teachers threw her a little party in the school at the 11am break on Friday. There was beautiful flowers and a balloon for her as well as a massive congratulatory cake. There were loads of rocky road cakes and biscuits too. I love how everyone is so lovely. It's such a friendly atmosphere to be in everyday. 
So my week definitely had it's little beauties. I think it's so important to recognise all of the little things that make us happy and fill our hearts with joy. I would love to know what your week was like in the comments down below. 

Song of the week - Ellie Goulding "Love Me Like You Do"

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Sinead Dreaming said...

I also had two days to relax in the sun as well. Unfortunately, I had to work all day on Wednesday and by the time I'd finished, it was far to cold to enjoy the sun. And the rest of the week has been either too cloudy or too windy for sunbathing.

Sinead Dreaming said...

The weather has been so changable where I am too! It was gorgeous the last two weeks. Today - SLEET! crazy. haha x


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