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8 Mar 2015


Hey Guys!

So, I have decided to start a new blog series called 'Weekly Wonders' (ya gotta love some alliteration) I'm sure you all follow blogs who share the highlights of their week every weekend. I really enjoy reading these kind of posts as I find they give a little insight in to the life of the blogger and allow me to become more connected to them. Cheese! haha. I also really love writing these blog posts. What better way to practice gratitude and have a nice little documentation of your weeks to look back on in the future!

  • Cooking the best dinner I have ever cooked. Noodles with chicken and vegetable stir fry. Not exactly rocket science, or very pretty to look at but oh my God did it taste good!
  • Finally perfecting a side french-braid! I'm so bad at doing french-braids so I was super chuffed when I managed to do one that looked this cute.
  • Waking up on both Sunday and Tuesday (random I know) to a thin blanket of snow spread across the landscape outside my window. I was a lot happier to see this on Sunday than Tuesday as I didn't have to go and drive in it.
  • On Tuesday morning the roads were so slippy that I could not get my car up a hill! it was very scary and I legit thought I was stranded. Thankfully a kind man who was driving down the hill pulled up and advised me to keep in closer to the ditch as it would help me get up! thanks stranger, who knows, if it weren't for you my car could still be stuck there haha. 
  • Getting a full days experience as a special needs assistant on Tuesday was very interesting and I'm glad to get an insight in to that side of teaching.
  • Copious cups of tea and chats in the staffroom. Nothing can beat that sometimes.
  • An 84 minute (yes 84 MINUTE!) phone call with my best friend on Wednesday night was great. Thank God for phones, she may be the other side of the country but it feels like she is here.
  • Some retail therapy on Thursday was da bomb. I didn't buy too much (two tops and black jeans) but I really enjoy wandering around the shops on my own for an hour. Is that weird?

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Ally Days said...

Your blog design is gorgeous!!:)x

Hollands Reverie said...

So much goodness- even in the small things. Happy Monday!!


Kendel Maxwell said...

Simple dinners could be the best! :) Nothing is better than tea (or coffee) and chats! They make the day so much better :)


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