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1 Mar 2015


Dear March, 

It's nice to see you again! It will always be nice to see you again as it means I've stayed alive another year after all haha. I can't say you're my favourite month mostly because of the weather you bring. Is there anything worse than the March wind? You're officially spring but you're often colder than a winter month which is a tad annoying, sort yourself out? Nonetheless, you aren't all bad! you definitely have some redeeming qualities, for one - St Patrick's Day! You dedicate an entire day to Ireland, with lots of parades, the wearing of green and parties. What Irish person wouldn't have a bit of a soft spot for you since you clearly show your love for us?!

There's a few things I would like you to do for me this month. Firstly, could you please help me find my blogging mojo again? I have completely lost it and have zero idea what to write about! It's pretty annoying because I have the time, I take out my laptop, stare at my blog and I want to write but not for the life of me do I have any content ideas! (apart from this post obvs so thanks for inspiring this one!)

Secondly, can you please help me in the classroom. I am having some serious management problems lately and I often find myself leaving a class feeling so upset. So alone. Like it had been me against 20 people and no one likes or respects me. That feeling is horrible and I would really like to feel less of it this month. I want us to work together and to get on. 

My best friend is home for two weeks this month and I am super excited! However, we often make plans to see each other when she comes home and before we know it it's time for her to go again and we hadn't met up. Please don't let this happen this time! I want to hang out loads and have lots of nights out with her. Please, please March!

Also, you know that other little thing that's happening in my life right now? it's a bit too private for the blog just yet, but can you please make it go well? If it does I would be so much happier in life I reckon.

Ok I think I will leave it at that, don't want to be asking for too much now do I! I hope you do make these wishes come through and sure, throw in an odd surprise or two to keep things interesting! 

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Nixie said...

I really enjoyed this Sinead!
It is a really good idea! I hope you have a great month & I hope everything goes well for you x

Nixie xx

Nixie-Pixie|Fashion|Beauty| Lifestyle

Elizabeth said...

I'm having some management problems, too! Thank you for sharing :)

Jessica The Pyreflies said...

I actually like the weather in March! I think the weather in Florida around March and April is the best :) Good luck with finding your blogging mojo again! I cut down on the amount I am posting and it's really helped me out and I'm not so stressed out anymore. Hurray for enjoying blogging again! :D


Kiki Mincks said...

Have a great time hanging out with your friend. (: Fingers crossed this weather is on it's way out and we all get some sunshine!

Kathryn said...

I always like March but I think that's just because it's my birthday. Otherwise I agree with you - the weather is not great!

I'm crossing my fingers for you that everything you're hoping for this month comes true :) that's wonderful that your friend is coming to visit!

x Kathryn
Through the Thicket

Madara Strauta said...

Hi, Sinead!
I think everyone has management problems in classrooms, expecially in the beginning of teacher carrier, so don't worry and really, really don't take it personal!! :) Be strong, don't worry about they don't liking you or stuff like that, you are a teacher you are not here to make friends but to teach and help them learn. You are te grown up, keep believing yourself and everything will be fine! :))

I just totally can relate with you, I was a teacher when I was 19 and it was crazy hard. Be prou of yourself, you have chosen great, but sometimes unappreciated profession (expecially by students ;) ).

Also, I know I am no March, but what I learned myself lately, first comes real life and real life events and then blog where you can reflect them. It just doesn't go the other way around. :)

ok, I have expanded in to one huge comment. :D

I hope everything works out for you!


Michelle Outside London said...

Oh I hope March is kind to you and just in case it isn't, be kind to yourself. Your blogging mojo will come back as soon as you stop hunting for it!
Sending you all the luck for the other stuff.
M x Life Outside London


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