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11 Feb 2015

Dream Home | Scandinavian Interior

For the last couple of days browsing Pinterest has been my number one procrastination activity, especially the interiors category. I could scroll through images and images of perfectly placed cacti and throw over cushions all day long. There is something so pleasing about it and it makes me very excited to decorate my own home someday, even if my life is no where near that yet. I can dream right?

At the moment my favourite type of interior design is Scandanavian interior. Think white walls and floor boards, tables and chairs with wooden legs, funky coffee tables, wire chairs, walls covered in frames and prints and muted, calm colours. I love this theme because the rooms look so bright, airy and fresh. It's modern but also cosy and unique. I love the idea of a white kitchen with a wooden counter top and like, old, rustic looking side tables in a bedroom. And desk areas full of cute inspiring quotes. Ohh and pendant lights and window seats!

Wow, calm down Sinéad...I really am getting in to this way too much for someone who is no where near buying her own house! Seriously, I know so much of what I want already. Fingers crossed that one day I will be lucky enough to live somewhere like this.

If you want to have a look at my Pinterest and judge me for how much interior design stuff I have pinned, my page is here.

I would love to know if you enjoy decorating your house if you have one of your own? What is your favourite style of interior design? Let me know down below!

*All images were found on Pinterest

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Anonymous said...

All of these pictures are just DREAMY!!! I can't wait until I can decorate...


Sarah I said...

I love Scandinavian interiors, we are about to move house and I think I might decorate it with a similar theme! x

Edel Hackett said...

My Gosh, I want to live in all those pictures so bad. Its so light and and fresh beautiful. It's definitely my style. One thing I would change is, the couch. I would add a massive cosy couch. I need a couch that is both pretty and deep and soft. I watch too much TV and read too much for it to be so stiff :)
Edel x

Jessica The Pyreflies said...

These homes are so pretty! I wish I could just step into the screen and live in them haha


rae t said...

These photos are all so beautiful. I love using Pinterest as a procrastination tool as well - especially for homeware and interiors. I agree that Scandinavian interior is just divine. There is just something so clean but still warm and effortlessly stylish about Scandinavian design. Thanks for this great dose of inspiration!

Rae | love from berlin

#Midget said...

It's nice knowing that I'm not the only one who has thought about how they're going to decorate their future home!


Anastasia Ivy said...

I absolutely love that bedspread and the geometric pillows. Awesome finds!

-Anastasia Ivy



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