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1 Feb 2015

100 Happy Days Weekly Round-Up 12

Day 78 - Sunday 25/01/15 | I spent Sunday evening in with my brother so I made us this delicious pasta dish. Not gonna lie I totally just threw what ever was in the fridge in to it. This is chicken, mushrooms and red peppers. It got my brothers approval, yay! I'm usually a terrible chef!

Day 79 - Monday 26/01/15 | On Monday, I went to visit my aunt with my mum and she gave me this picture of me as a child that she found in her attic. It was a 2001 calendar that my school made, I was only 7! We had a laugh at how much things have changed since then as the calendar just had this photo glued on to it haha, there was no photobox.com back in those days! or digital cameras even. 

Day 80 - Tuesday 27/01/15 | Tuesday was a pretty boring, run of the mill day but I did end up drawing in the evening. I love to draw random little things like this, I find it so therapeutic. I'm not sure what this is, super colourful feather maybe?

Day 81 - Wednesday 28/01/15 | My nephew came over for a visit this evening and turned the house upside down with his big box of blocks. Those blocks went everywhere! Everytime he plays with them he insists on putting Nicky in the box, can you see him peeking out in this picture? I felt sorry for him, he didn't even try to get out haha.

Day 82 - Thursday 29/01/15 | Thursday I was in town and I seen Easter decorations, really? Christmas is just over! Nevertheless, I was like OMG when I seen them because they were sooo cute. There were white bunnies, trees with colourful eggs hanging on them and gorgeous wreathes with eggs. I love all the pretty colours! #rolloneaster

Day 83 - Friday 30/01/15 | The weather this week was insane! so indecisive. It was snowing one minute and then beautiful sunshine the next. I took this picture of the white flower in front of the snow covered window. 

Day 84 - Saturday 31/01/15 | OK I have a confession to make. I'm really bad at taking photos at events or on occasions which is kind of ridiculous because I take photos of some of the most boring things. But I guess I don't think about it when I'm busy and enjoying myself. Anyways, today I went to a talent show competition that my niece was participating in; she was singing a duet with her friend. I helped them prepare, did their hair and went with the family to watch. I was so nervous for her I could barely look never mind take a picture, all the other acts were really great too, here's a random one photographed haha!

It was a great week all round and I love how these posts remind me of the simplest of joys. I really hope you all had a wonderful week and weekend. I would love to hear how it was in the comments! 

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Jessica The Pyreflies said...

Ahhh my nieces and nephew make the biggest mess when they come over! I love them but holy cow it's like a tornado came through my living room every time they are here :P

Easter decorations are always so cute and pretty... I love all the pastels!

Hope you have a wonderful week :)



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