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5 Jan 2015

The Social (Media) Circus

Do you ever see or hear something and you instantly think 'I need to write a blog post about that', that's what happened here. I was scrolling through Facebook today when a video under the caption 'This is why you shouldn't take people's Facebook lives seriously' popped up. I knew I had to click in to it because I have always been very aware of how phoney and narcissistic Facebook is.  

I was greeted by this video below, it is definitely worth a watch!

After watching, I sat nodding, yes! yes! someone had verbalised and portrayed my muddled up thoughts on Facebook that I couldn't really put my finger on. 

When I scroll through my Facebook timeline, everyone looks like they are having an amazing time. They look great, have a fantastic social life with lots of friends, and are in loving relationships where they go to 5 star restaurants on dates. It is hard not to feel inadequate when you compare your real life to other peoples carefully constructed online life. 

But this jealousy and feelings of inadequacy is completely uncalled for when I really think about it. When I take a look at my own Facebook wall it doesn't reveal anything about my life. It is full of pictures of friends and I on nights out. If someone were to look at it they would think I am a social butterfly when that is SO far from the truth!

Essentially, we all subconsciously only share our very best on Facebook, we embellish everything for social media. The most fun and charming aspects of our lives get shared whilst the shitty stuff and the boring stuff that makes up our every day grind gets left out. 

All in all Facebook is at best a deformed reflection of real life and at worst a completely fictional painting of how we want people to see us. 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Do you sometimes feel inadequate when you compare yourself to your Facebook friends?

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Neesha Rees said...

We are in the age now where we can portray any life we want online. It's a blessing and a curse. I hope the younger generation are not naive enough to think that everything they see online is the truth
Reinventing Neesha ♥

Rachael said...

I LOVE this, just shared it on my Facebook and it's so true, same with Instagram and Twitter. I feel like everyone feels the need to compete to make their life look amazing which is sad really but I can't see it getting any better any time soon. I find myself constantly comparing my life to others no matter how much I tell myself to stop! x

What Rachael Wrote

Arianna Fanzutti said...

This video is so true! People put online only the part of their lives that want the others to be seen, and people always tend to compare themselves to others, especially on social networks beacuse it is so easy to see what people are up to, and everyone always posts something about the cool stuff that he's doing. We have to remember that everyone has its own personality.


Kathryn said...

I saw this video this morning and had the same reaction! It reminded me of that girl from the Netherlands that faked her vacation online and everyone thought she was really backpacking in Asia, meanwhile she never left her hometown! (Have you seen that article? If not, let me know and I can try to find it for you and send you the link!)

I think the only way to deal with Facebook is to take it with a grain of salt. To be honest, I find Instagram to be a little bit worse though ... I'm so happy that you ate a cucumber for lunch because you're in #detox mode, but seriously that would keep me full for about 5 minutes.

xx Kathryn

Shani Parkman said...

That was a great watch, and I couldn't help but laugh at the end. I don't post much on facebook anymore, and I haven't missed it one bit.

Sinead K said...

Haha oh my god that's a bit sad. No I haven't seen that article! Oh I agree, Instagram can be bad too. They all can be! Xxx

Sinead K said...

I did think it was a bit funny aswell, I think because its so pathetic :P I never write anything on Facebook all I put up are the occasional picture :) xxx

Sinead K said...

Yes! You've hit the nail on the head. I think we just need to stop comparing!

Sinead K said...

Ya i think its really sad. I always cringe when people 'check in' and different places, like a fancy restaurant or some event. There is no need to put it on facebook , they just want people to think their lives are great. People are far too competitive I think! Xxx

Sinead K said...

Ya that is definitely a worry. Im so glad I got through my early teenage years before social media took over. I think it must make it very difficult :( x

M said...

This is so true and man that video was depressing. Social media is like some kind of life filter that makes people feel better about themselves, but then worse when they compare themselves. Because no matter what, real life will never compare to a filtered one. You just have to realise it's all filtered.

The Life of Little Me

Meg Kernaghan said...

I could not agree with you more!
It's a really clever way to present this idea :)
I remember we had an English teacher in high school who encouraged us to have discussions about this, and how our lives online are constructed and how we are made to feel by what others share and what we choose to consume.
I think that's why we all come to this platform to share ourselves. Although I know blogging is still very much a constructed version of myself, I feel that the creative aspect of it allows there to be a more honest portrayal of our lives or whatever we are trying to share. I think it's definitely healthier to be creative in what you share online, it sort of removes the element of it being about big accomplishments and huge moments in your life. But yeah, this is obviously an issue across all platforms, but seems to be intensified on Facebook!

Sinead K said...

Yeah. The more 'likes' you get the happier you feel. It'd like you need the justification :/ xx

Sinead K said...

Yes I agree, blogging can be a lot more honest and real. Particularly if you chose to share the bad aswell as the good which are my favourite types of bloggers. There's no need for sugar coating. Seeing that other people aren't so perfect makes them relatable and you feel less alone. There are some blogs that cause serious life envy though haha they're great ones for inspiration :) thanks for commenting Meg xxx

Anna said...

watched the video now, what a fantastic video with such a very strong message too! It is without a doubt very true, very relatable too xxx

Leah and Rachel Collins said...

I'm definately going to watch this video after reading this post - seems like it's worth a watch! x


lollyb 16499 said...

I think that this is so true! Everytime I scroll through my facebook seeing all my freinds' amazing nights out every weekend and I can just about muster 1 every two months! However going to school with them everyday has prooved that really there lives aren't as great as they seem to be online! <3


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