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15 Jan 2015

Midnight Storm Ramblings

It's Wednesday night and I have no blog posts scheduled for this week at all, nor do I have any good post ideas. So I thought I would have a random little out of the blue chatty post tonight! Sometimes I think I am starting to get so bogged down with getting my blog to be the best it can be, thinking about what other people would want to see and wanting to put only the very best of my blog post ideas up. Essentially, I am striving towards 'perfection' or getting my blog to be as professional as possible. 

Tonight, I'm like naaahhh to all of that. At the end of the day this blog is mine and no one elses, mine to do whatever I want with, even if that includes filling it with post midnight nonsensical ramblings. After all, I think when I'm 30 I will quite enjoy getting a glimpse back in to the mind of the 21-year old me. 

It's extremely windy outside. The storm, which I think they've called Rachel is hurling outside my window. I never understand why they give storms such sweet female names, it really doesn't suit them. I would call this storm Hugh or Jeremy. Nevertheless, it's lovely to be inside in the warmth listening to it roar. I'm sitting in my bed with my laptop all snuggled up. Well that's kind of a lie, my room is pretty cold so my top half is baltic whilst my bottom half which is laying on my electric blanking is toasty. 

I really hope the electricity doesn't go, because my laptop battery is almost dead. You would think I'd have charged it all night but nope, of course I didn't! I love how Ireland gets so excited whenever our weather gets a little bit out of the ordinary. I mean, in comparison to hurricanes which happen regularly in some parts of the world, this is nothing! But it still makes headline news. We're all cautioned to not leave our house unless we absolutely have to and most of the schools around here are closed tomorrow, in preparation for the worst (there will be trees down and the electricity gone) I sometimes wonder about the fuss we would make if we got earthquakes or proper full on hurricanes haha. 

On another note, is it sad that I got in to bed without taking my make-up off because I was still snap chatting people? Haha oh God that is really sad isn't it. I'm almost a bit embarrassed to say that but hey I'm honest! I haven't worn eye-liner in ages and I have no idea why, it works wonders! I've generally been wearing make-up a lot less and when I do it's the minimum so whenever I do go 'all out' on occasion I am always surprised by the miracles it can perform!

Speaking of wearing less make-up, I've also been drinking a lot less fizzy drinks and replacing them with water. I have to say my skin has seen an improvement, which is great because I have acne that just won't seem to shift. I'm thinking about cutting dairy from my diet to see if it would help but God, is life without cheese really worth living?

Anyways, I better switch the laptop off and try get some sleep. Sorry about the extremely random post. It wasn't planned, I just wrote out my train of thoughts! 

I hope you've all been having a great week. 

I'm really enjoying discovering new blogs at the moment so if you write a blog you think I might not have read, leave you link below!

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M said...

Ugh. I'm in a tropical country with weather that turns me into an oily mess. If we're talking bad skin, I can totally relate. Haha I know what you mean with snap chat. We can take "ugly" selfies, but we gotta show we can be pretty too, especially when we're posing as if we're taking an ugly selfie.

The Life of Little Me

Kiera O'Elle said...

Great ramblings. :3 I think it's important to share bits about ourselves... I should do that. Possibly tonight?

I hope you managed to survive the night! We're relatively prepared (Midwest of the US) for heavy weather, as we get such a wide range, but the first heavy snow of the year is always rough. So much to think about! But, I love snow, so it's nice when it does come. :) Driving just isn't always safe!

Meg Kernaghan said...

I'm gonna jinx it, but my skin has been so good lately and it's all in the water and cutting out bad food.
The thing about naming storms, I always think of this Hunter Hayes country song Storm Warning where he says "Have you ever noticed every hurricane gets it's name from a girl like this?" Kind of random but it's what I thought of :P
It's kind of cool that they name storms, I think we only name cyclones in Australia!

#Midget said...

Guernsey is exactly the same whenever a storm or snow hits - everything shuts down!

Dib-Dab-Debs said...

The weather is just awful over here today but everyone is just going about as normal! I'm glad I'm able to stay in, warm and safe whilst the wind hurtles against the windows, threatening to send me and my flat to Oz! My hot water bottle is my best friend today. I feel so sorry for my poor husband who has to be out working. Luckily, the weather means it's a quiet day for him though!
Debi x

Kiki Mincks said...

I think rambling posts are interesting. We are getting a feel of who you are on a deeper level. I love storms too. There's something about them that makes me extremely calm. My mom couldn't be more different.
I too have tried the drinking more water thing and I have to say wow I've noticed a huge improvement! I have a glow when I wake even. (:

Sinead K said...

Haha yeah, when most of your snaps are pretty bad its nice to send a few when your make up is on point haha! Xxx

Sinead K said...

I really enjoy rambling. I want my blog to be more laid back :)
I'm still alive and the house didn't fall down. I think our wheelie bin fell over though ;) haha. Yeah I don't like snow because of how dangerous driving in it is! Xxx

Sinead K said...

I'm really trying to improve my diet mostly for my skin! Haha I haven't heard that song but love that quote! Xxx

Sinead K said...

Us little countries can kick up a fuss ;) xxx

Sinead K said...

Ya it didn't end up too bad here. People could have totally went to school, but it is nice that people were made well aware of the possibility of it being very bad in order to keep them safe :) yes! Im glad i didn't have to leave the house either :) xxx

Sinead K said...

Ya I quiet like them too once I'm inside in the warmth :) really? Yay! Im still trying to increase my intake I'm no where near the 8 glasses a day! Xxx

Kathryn said...

I'm not sure when you changed it or if I missed it, but I love your new blog layout! It looks great!

I have also been drinking more water lately and it's had a huge improvement on my skin. I feel like my skin just looks fresher - can't complain about that! Also, I haven't eaten cheese for years now so I'm a bit biased, but I can say it's totally doable! Maybe just try cutting it out for 2 weeks or so and see if you notice a positive difference. A lot of people have problems with dairy, but it doesn't necessarily mean you do!

xx Kathryn

Sinead Dreaming said...

Thanks Kathryn, I am constantly changing elements of my design but I am really with how it looks now. I'm going to try and leave it now haha :)

Ya I think I might try to cut it out and see if there is a difference, It's true it can be problematic for people but sometimes you don't know until you stop eating it! xxx

Melissa Ortiz said...

I love random little posts like this! haha. I just like when bloggers share little personal things about themselves. & don't worry sometimes I just keep my makeup on a bit longer because I'm on snapchat...so I understand! haha. Hope you have a great rest of the week <3 !

Let Us Wanderlust said...

Random little posts like these are my favourite! They aren't done enough in my opinion. I feel like I just got a really lovely glimpse at the girl behind the blog :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend Sinead!
Carly x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Glad to hear I am not the only one haha :) xxx

Sinead Dreaming said...

I must say I love random little posts from other blogs too :) I hope you have a great weekend too! x

Anonymous said...

Random chatty posts are some of my favourites to read! I hope the storm passed and all electricity has been restored. I really need to get my electric blanket out of the garage as it's starting to get a lot colder here.

Water is growing on me. I've been consuming a lot more than I have ever done and it's definitely working on my skin and strangely my nightmares haha. I'm prone to having them and drinking more water during the day has really helped :) Can't complain at that.

~ K


Sinead Dreaming said...

Glad everyone likes them, I will be doing a lot more :) Electric blankets are a God send when it's cold!
Oh ya? It really does seem to make an improvement for everyone, really need to drink more! Thanks for following <3 x

Sarah I said...

I love posts like this! They are good for really getting to now the person behind the blog! xxx

Sinead Dreaming said...

Thanks Sarah, I'm so glad you liked it :) xxx

Hollands Reverie said...

I love ramblings! It's nice to just see a person in the trainees and where they are in that moment- thanks for sharing!


Inês de Castro said...

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lollyb 16499 said...

Cutting dairy from my diet has done wonders for my skin, all my spots have gone! I loved this post keep up the good work :)


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