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11 Jan 2015

100 Happy Days Weekly Round-Up 9

Day 57 -  Sunday 04/01/15 | Sunday was my nieces 8th birthday. I can't believe she is 8! It only feels like yesterday she was born, when I was 14. I still remember finding out my sister was pregnant with her first and finding it so hard to keep it a secret from my friends until the 12 week mark haha! She wasn't having her birthday party with her friends until she went back to school so on Sunday we just marked the occasion with a small birthday cake for our family.

Day 58 - Monday 05/01/15 | Tried out the Barry M Lychee nail polish for the first time. I know why it's such a popular nude. It's so pretty, fresh and classy I reckon. I'm really in to nudes now and hate wearing colours!

Day 59 - Tuesday 06/01/15 | Tuesday I went in to town with my mum and as a quest to start reading more I checked out the book store but I had no idea what to get so I came home and asked on social meadia, as ya do! The next day I was there I picked up 'Before I go to sleep' and I might write a review on my blog when I am finished as I definitely want to add books to my blog.

Day 60 - Wednesday 07/01/15 | If you have read this blog post you will know how much I love a cosy night in and that's exactly what this day was! I was home alone chilling and was inspired to get my camera and write a post about it, such a spontaneous blog post but hey, that's what makes blogging fun!

Day 61 - Thursday 08/01/15 | Thursdays snap is of this delicious bagel I had whilst out with my Mum and Auntie. I tried hard not to include food in this weeks 100 happy days but I double failed haha. Next week, we will see!

Day 62 - Friday 09/01/15 | I went to this super cool restaurant this evening. It had such an amazing jungle theme. The walls and roof were all fake vegetation, rocks, etc. There even was a waterfall that looked so real! such a cool place.

Day 63 - Saturday 10/01/15 | Yup another food picture, I'm sorry, I reckon a 3rd of my 100 happy days will be of food. What does that say about me? haha. This was a delicious chicken stir fry with Japanese flower sauce (nope I don't know what that is either)

I can't believe I'm up in the 60's already. It's crazy how quickly time is going, I wish it would slow down for a minute!

What is something happy about your week? Let me know in the comments!

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Kathryn said...

Haha there is nothing wrong with food making you happy! I was just going to say that what's made me really happy this week is all of the tasty and nutritious food I've been making. I'm getting into cooking again and it's a wonderful feeling.

xx Kathryn

Inês Silva said...

the photos are really nice!


Claire Petersen said...

If I was doing 100 Happy Days there would be so many photos of food too! The jungle themed restaurant you went to looks amazing!

Claire // Technicolour Dreamer // Bloglovin'

Sinead K said...

I really to start cooking and baking more :) xxx

Sinead Dreaming said...

Thanks Ines xxx

Sinead Dreaming said...

Hehe food makes everyone happy I think :) xx


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