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4 Jan 2015

100 Happy Days | The Festive Season


Day 43 - Sunday 21/12/14 | This Sunday I went to the Christmas market with my sister, her husband and her two little girls. The weather was diabolical but it was pretty fun. My nieces bought dream catchers and I got to have THE best hot dog in the world!

Day 44 - Monday 22/12/14 | I discovered the deliciousness of fried eggs on toast with pepper. I may have ate that for breakfast for the remainder of the week, with bacon too...drool!

Day 45 - Tuesday 23/12/14 | On Tuesday my nieces and my young cousins and I decorated some Christmas tree ginger breads. The festive feeling was really kicking in today, with candy canes, cracker pulling and fortune teller fish galore.

Day 46 - Wednesday 24/12/14 | Christmas Eve! I do love this day. I spent the evening at my sisters house. Her kids were SO excited for Santa so it was really fun fuelling their imagination. That track Santa app is amazing! I also drank some wine and we listened to lots of Christmas music. Quality family time. 

Day 47 - Thursday 25/12/14 | The big day arrived! I had a lovely Christmas Day. I simple spent it with my whole family. We had an AMAZING dinner. I would go as far to say that it was the best Christmas dinner I ever had so well done to my brother in law who cooked most of it. We had a choice of 8 desserts so we were a bit excessive haha. I spent the evening chilling with my family, and relaxing!

Day 48 - Friday 26/12/14 | Honestly, I totally forgot to take a picture on St. Stephens day so I took this the next day to represent a catch-up drinks with my friends being the highlight of the day.

Day 49 - Saturday  27/12/14 | Ah the epitome of Christmas in a picture. I feel like every family has a box of celebrations/heroes/roses or all of the above at Christmas time. Yummy, my favourite celebration would have to be snickers!
Day 50 - Sunday 28/12/14 | It has got SO cold! It froze so hard and when I went for a walk with Nicky in the afternoon there was still ice and frost all over the road, brrrr.

Day 51 - Monday 29/12/14 | The sunset was so beautiful this evening. Honestly, there were Facebook status' about it. It looked way cooler than this picture shows!

Day 52 - Tuesday 30/12/14 | Having this little boy come to visit is always a good day. He is so so cute and funny, look at that smile! he's at such a great age where he's just starting to talk.

Day 53 - Wednesday 31/12/14 | Noooo a selfie on my blog! haha. Be grand. New Years Eve was so much fun. 5 of my friends and I partied in their house. We had home made sambuka and played 'cards against humanity' which was HILARIOUS. We then went in to town and rang in the new year in a queue in to a bar haha. Not going to lie, I got way too drunk and can't remember much else and what I do remember, I'm totes too ashamed to put up here haha. Oh well!

Day 54 - Thursday 01/01/15 | So New Years day was spent taking it very easy. I did nothing. But I did have this amazing dinner with my Mum and Dad, that picture right there is one of the reasons I love my mum!

Day 55 - Friday 02/01/15 | This 5 cheese pizza was ah-mazing! it was a €2 frozen pizza but my God it was yummy. I try not to eat junk food too often but when I do, I do enjoy it hehe.

Day 56 - Saturday 03/01/15 | Today I went to the seaside and brought Nicky. It was his first time ever at the beach! He didn't seem to like it very much, he was a bit nervous and seemed to not know what the heck was going on, haha. It was a beautiful day but very cold so we couldn't go in the water unless we wanted to hyperventilate! 

And there we have it, My Christmas and New Years days! It was a lovely time and I am kind of sad it is over but I'm excited for what the new year holds. 
I hope you all had a fantastic festive period, and are all feeling refuelled and motivated to make 2015 your best year yet!
I'll probably be kind of quiet on the blog front this month apart from my '100 happy days'. But when I get re-inspired I will be back with a bang!

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Mademoiselle Lala said...

I'm also sad Christmas is gone, but equally excited about New Year! Wooo!


Nixie johnson said...

It sounds like you have a lovely time!
Decorating the Christmas tree ginger cookies with your nieces & cousins sounded like a lot of fun & look delicious!
I baked cookies with my nephew, on Christmas Eve for his mum I don't know how well they tasted but it was a fun idea xx


Nixie- Pixie | Fashion | Beauty |Lifestyle

Kiki Mincks said...

I love seeing these high lights of things that make you happy. Mostly because you focus on the little things in life most of us tend to forget. (:


Sinead K said...

It comes and goes so quickly doesn't it?! Happy new year love xxx

Sinead K said...

Haha ya I didn't try them either although I would have liked to. I think Santa got ours ;) xxx

Sinead K said...

It is so hard to focus on the little things but this challenge forces me to. So on bad days, i remember I am doing this challenge and start looking out for anything small that makes me happy. Its great :) xxx

Anna said...

awww, what a lovely post Sinead! :)

I expect you to post with a BANG, well start your post with it when you are sorted! ;)



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