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5 Dec 2014

The Travel Bug

Travelling is one of my biggest dreams. The way I see it is we only have one life and we don't know how long it's going to be so I want to see as much of this amazing, absolute miracle of a planet whilst I am still able to see it. The fact that I'm almost 22 and have only left my country three times makes me a little uneasy. I actually have this sense of panic and urgency about travelling. I honestly feel anxious when I think that I've spent my entire life in one tiny little pixel of a large stage. I just know that I would develop so much as a person and my perspectives would change if I seen a wider reality. I haven't even seen much of my own country for goodness sake and that's freaking tiny! I feel like time is ticking away and I still have all these places I NEED to go to. Thankfully I'm planning to go to Italy next summer so my anxiety about it all is relieved a bit.

I have my dreams all mapped out. I'm going to find a teaching job, hopefully in the next year or two, make lots of money, find a travel buddy, and I will spend my long summer holidays globe-trotting, and hey I will have 2 weeks off at Easter and 1 week at Halloween - perfect for seeing some European capitals I reckon. Whether that is actually going to happen is another story entirely. The fact that there's a good chance it might not makes me pretty darn sad!

'So where are these places you dream of going?' you might ask. Well I'm going to give you a list now aren't I? Course I am! Wouldn't be a proper Sinead blog post without a list haha. Now, I literally want to go everywhere, from Copenhagen to Canada, Vienna to Vietnam but I'm going to narrow this down to a list of 5. God this is going to take me a while.

Iceland - Source
1. ICELAND | An unusual destination to most but I really, really want to go to Iceland. You see, I am a geography geek. I'm a geography teacher and Iceland to geographers is like Sephora to make-up artists haha. I've studied volcanoes and earthquakes both of which happen in Iceland. I'm also fascinated with plate tectonics and know in detail how Iceland was born which makes me want to go there even more. I also want to see the geysers, the blue lagoon and the northern lights. To me it is one of the most amazing natural places on earth. Also my sister has travelled a lot and she insists it's her favourite place, although her husband proposing to her there may have had a part to play haha!

New Zealand - Source
2. NEW ZEALAND | I want to go to New Zealand for similar geography related reasons as above but also because it looks very beautiful and unspoilt. Which it is, considering it's one of the newest countries in the world. Also, one of my best friends in the world lives in Auckland so meeting her there would literally be the stuff of dreams. Realistically though I don't think this wish is likely to come true since it's so far away from me *mega sad face* some one invent teleportation already!

New York - Source
3. NEW YORK CITY | Ah no! A predictable one now! I want to visit New York for very different reasons to the previous two. They have been to witness mother nature's amazing creations whereas New York is to witness Human kinds amazing creations. The concrete jungle. It looks so energetic, full of life and vibrant. I want to feel New York. I know I will be completely overwhelmed by a city of that scale and I want to experience that overwhelmed, fascinated feeling.

Venice - Source
4. VENICE | I can't believe Venice. Have you seen pictures of it? I can't imagine getting a boat instead of a taxi. I'm now looking at google image pictures of it and I'm like I need to get there and see it with my own eyes agh! Also, I love 'The Merchant of Venice' haha. When I (hopefully) go to Italy next year I may spend a day in Venice as it's only going to be about 2 hours from me. I'll pass out with excitement. Why can't everywhere in the world be so beautiful?

Egypt - Source

5. EGYPT | The main reason I want to go to Egypt is because of how ancient it is. It's amazing as it's where so much of ancient civilisation began. I want to see the size of the pyramids in real life and think about the amount of work that went in to building them. And just think about how that was 2000bc, and contemplate how amazing the human species is. I also want to go to Egypt because it's a world away from 'my world' and what I'm used to. I mean it's in the African dessert! I could go on a dessert safari and ride a camal! also the city of Cairo is pretty amazing and it has some drop dead gorgeous beaches.

There we have it, 5 places I want to go more than anywhere! Have you been to any of these places? If you have, I am eternally jealous of you! What would be more interesting to know is if any of you are from any of these places, I highly doubt you are ( Apart from New Zealand, hi Emma ;) & maybe NYC) I know Italy, Iceland and Egypt aren't regulars on the old stats haha.

Let me know in the comments where you would like to travel to and where is your favourite place you have been.

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Michaela Higgins said...

I'd love to see Venice, come on canals instead of streets... Amazing!! New York and Egypt as well. Each of them being so different to the other. I'm hoping that when I have enough money after my first nursing job, to go to New York with, like you said, a travel buddy. In my final year of the nursing course, I'll get to work abroad, and I'm hoping to go to Africa. I've been to Mauritius which is a small island beside the Madagascar (east of Africa) and seeing the diverse culture was brilliant. The food and the people were amazing. Plus going to the beach every day for 3 weeks was pretty cool :) And somehow I lost weight out there with just eating fish everyday. So twas some great holiday :D

Love these kinds of posts :) Where abouts are you going to Italy?

Kayla xxx

Kiki Mincks said...

These are fantastic dreams! I actually hope to visit Ireland before my time's up. (: Keep dreaming big and it will come true!

Shani Parkman said...

Iceland is so hight up on my list, what an incredible place, I think it would make the Earth seem so overwhelming - in the best way possible! And I've always loved Egypt, it's history is fascinating.
I did a really small list on my blog recently (cutting it down a whole heap because I'm like you and want to go almost everywhere). xx


Kendel Maxwell said...

I'm from New Zealand AND I'm going to be living in Auckland for the next three years! I have wanted to travel to New York and Venice since I was five years old! I would be quite happy to go absolutely anywhere though! My favourite place would have to be the Gold Coast in Australia. It was just so much fun...but definitely not somewhere I could live haha that place is insane!

keydreamer said...

Traveling is one of my biggest dreams seeing as I too have not traveled a lot. I have only left my country once and at the time I was a tiny little girl. One of my heart's greatest desire to see the natural beauties of Iceland and New Zealand!

Dib-Dab-Debs said...

I'd love to go to Iceland too! My best friend was there at the beginning of November and said it was lovely. She got to see the Northern Lights in their full glory which makes me pretty jealous as I'd love to see them. I don't like long flights, anything more than about 4-5 hours and I'm going crazy so Europe is the best place for me to travel. I'd wanted to go to Portugal for a really long time and I did that this year for our honeymoon but I'd also like to go to Croatia, Italy and France. I also want to take my husband to Estonia as I love the country (I'm part Estonian) but he's never been.


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