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11 Dec 2014

Snaps | Galway Christmas Market

Hey Everyone,
Every year from the end of November to December 24th, Eyre Square park in Galway City centre is transformed in to a beautiful Winter Wonderland. There is an amazing market showcasing loads of local crafts. There are also many food stalls with everything from chocolate fountains, waffles, crepes, to the likes of ostrich and boar burgers (surprisingly delicious!) There are several festive bars including a massive beer tent and a mulled wine bar (the smell of that stuff is enough for me!) There's a little cabin where the little ones can pay Santa a visit and let him know what they want this year or they could always just post a letter to the North Pole in the special post box! 
Everywhere is decorated so beautifully and in such detail! There's no way you could take a walk through the market and not feel festive. 
I went on the carousal last year with my nieces and I hope I get to go on it again with them this year! How pretty are all the colours? 
I adore the little candy canes hanging from the trees, too cute! 'Nollaig Shona' means Merry Christmas in Irish for anyone wondering.
I love this shot of the moon shining down over the market. Oooooh the Christmas feels! And look at those beams to the left of the photo. They shone up so high and moved around the sky. You could see them from all over the city. I thought they were a really cool touch!
There was fairy lights absolutely everywhere and so many gorgeous little archways like this one. The sign above is the Irish for what's written in the sign in the picture below, which was the other side of this arch.

Oh how I love Galway. It's such a magical place to be during Christmas. This was my first visit to the market this year and honestly I didn't do much. I went solely to take photographs with my dslr because whenever I do go again I won't really be able to look after that piece of equipment haha. I'm planning on going with some friends once or twice for some food and drinks and hopefully another time during the day time with my nieces and nephew.

I hope you liked these pictures and they put you in a festive mood. Let me know if there is any place near you that is done up for the holidays!

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Lauren said...

This looks amazing, the letters to santa post box is so cute!



Teeny Titch said...

Awww it looks lovely! The lights are beautiful!
Siobhan xx


Rachel Y. said...

That looks so charming! I love night events and this market would certainly do the trick. xx


Anna said...

I'm absolutely jealous of this, you are so lucky. Our town was meant to be having a continental Christmas market but that was an absolute flop! Apparently they got another better offer in another town :/ wooo, that's great haha!

Looking at these photos (that are all beautiful) it is definitely worth travelling to experience the market! :)

Hope you had a lovely Christmas Sinead! <3 xxxx


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