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6 Dec 2014

My Favourite Winter Knits

  Hey Everyone!
For the month of December I want to do a weekly 'My Favourite Winter ____' I think it will be a nice way to share some of my favourite fashion and beauty seasonal bits with you all. I thought what better place to start than with my favourite winter clothing - knit jumpers! As soon as a chill comes in the air I am delighted to pull out my jumpers and of course, buy way too many new ones! 
So without further a do here are my six favourite knit jumpers to wear throughout the colder months.
The 'Yellow knit',  'Rusty Red knit' and the 'Peace knit' are all new additions to my wardrobe which I've bought in the last couple of weeks. The red one is from Stradivarius, a store which I have never heard of before. Apparently it's a Spanish shop and there's loads of them around Europe but there only seems to be one in Britain and Ireland which is randomly located in White Water Shopping Center in Newbridge. I doubt any of you will ever be there but if you are check it out, It's amazing! I bought loads of bits there. Here is the online store if anyone is interested in a browse.
The other three jumpers I have since last year so are most definitely not still available.
As you can see my style is fairly plain and simple but I do like all kinds of different colours as well as monochrome. Most of my jumpers are that yellow mustard colour. I'm always drawn towards that. I need more green/blue ones which is funny because when it comes to dresses or playsuits blue shades are always my first choice.
I would love to hear in the comments what your favourite winter clothing is. What do you love to buy in winter?

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Hali said...

Lovely sweaters! I've been dying to get my hands on a mustard colored sweater but none of caught my eye yet. I love buying sweaters so much, and since I'm moving to a snowy area I really need to invest in some. My favorite right now is this thick burnt orange sweater I recently bought. It's gorgeous!

Kiki Mincks said...

That mustard colored one is to die for! Such a curiously beautiful color, mustard. (:

Shani Parkman said...

Knitted jumpers are my favourite - my most common colour is burgundy. :)

Eleanor Rose said...

Oooh I love a warm jumper! I think I need to restock my winter wardrobe!

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keydreamer said...

My favorite part about winter is wearing oversized, cozy sweaters. It just feels so comfortable and relaxing. Also the monochrome knit is so cute! Although my closet is only filled with black and grey so I do need more colors as well.

Erin said...

I love knitted jumpers but it's just way too hot where I live!


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