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13 Dec 2014

Free Blog Designs

Hey Everyone!
Woah two blog posts in one day! Well I wouldn't really consider this a proper blog post, it's more of an announcement. I want to offer my blog designing abilities to you all. I absolutely love designing blogs. If I got a euro for every time I've changed my blog design I would be a very rich lady. Every time I feel a bit 'meh' about my blog, I change the design and it gives it a new lease of life. I think I do it just because I can and because I'm so full of ideas. So I thought, why not design other peoples blogs rather than constantly change mine.

With all of my practice I have become some what familiar with CSS and HTML. I am by no means an expert. I am no where near as good as the designers you would pay €30 for a design. I cannot do everything just yet and I don't have the adequate resources for absolutely everything. So chances are I might not be able to give you exactly what you want. For that reason I am doing it free of charge. You will be doing me a favour by building my portfolio.

Here's what I can do - (You can have any combination of the following)

Headers - Fairly simple headers with different fonts (I have millions of fonts!) and simple designs/overlays if available

Background - Textured / Patterned background
Social Media Icons - Social media icons to match your blog theme. Either the round button type or the long bar type.
Blog Button - Customised blog button to match your design
Gadget titles - Customised gadget titles
Profile Picture - Customise your picture and 'about me' section
Signature - Signature to match text on your blog
Alignment - I can centre everything in your blog - Post title, date header, tabs, gadgets, I can bring the date and post title closer together etc.

Here are examples of some of the blog headers I have done already -

Perfect Little Paradise Blog
For 'Bits and clips' header competition:
When designing your blog you can tell me the colour scheme you have in mind, show me any blog designs you already like, create an inspiration board etc and I will do my best to create something you like!

Check out my Pinterest Board for some inspiration.

If you are interested just send me an email , - dreamingagainblog@gmail.com and we can get working on your brand new blog design!

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Lucy O'Neill said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ThePerksofBeingMe-x said...

will email you soon , always loved your blog design and used it as inspiration for part of mine :)

Samantha Brooks said...

The dreaming again header with the little bow underneath is sooo pretty!
Wish I could design things like this



ThePerksofBeingMe-x said...

Sent you an email, would love to work something out :)


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