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17 Dec 2014

Christmas? Nailed It.

First of all, the title, how punny am I? haha. I think this nail look is the epitome of Christmas. Santa Clause red with the most beautiful glittery specks of silver, gold and red. When I applied this I was oohing and awing like a crazy women. My brother was looking at me funny, but he's a boy, he wouldn't understand! What normal girl wouldn't fall in love with such sparkly prettiness! 
The base colour is L'Oreal Colour Rich nails in 'Exquisite Scarlett'. This is a bright and vbrant red. Something different to the deep blood and berry shades that are common this time of year. This is definitely a shade of red that could be worn throughout the year. It's a fun, lively kind of colour.
This was topped off with a Christmas Barry M polish in 'Moonlight' I'm sure lots of you have seen this before as it's gone down a treat with so many people but LOOK AT IT, AGH! I just keep looking at my nails now and admiring them, is that weird?

So, I have found my perfect nail look for the Christmas season hooray! I would love to hear in the comments what you think. Have you used any of these polishes before? What colour do you like to have your nails during Christmas?

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Nixie johnson said...

Your nails are so beautiful! I was in Boots at the weekend & was very close to buying Barry M's 'Moonlight'. I wish i did now! x

Nixie x

Nixie-Pixie | Fashion| Beauty| Lifestyle

Let Us Wanderlust said...

Wow!! I absolutely love this mani!! That red is such a beautiful colour and so festive with the addition of the sparkle polish! So beautiful. Mind if I copy for my Christmas mani???

Carly xo


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