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3 Dec 2014

Bedroom Snippets

Hey Everyone!
One of my favourite types of blog posts to read are home décor posts. I just love looking at cute furnishings and accessories and when I get a house of my own, man, I'm going to have a great time doing it up. I thought I would share with you some little snippets of my bedroom. It's not the best, I'm not 100% happy with it and there's quite a few things I want to do with it but I do quiet like it.
I really love these heart fairy lights over my dressing table. I got them for around €6 in Penneys (Primark) Such great value for money as they add so much cuteness and cosiness to my room. I just need to get a new jewellery box and stand as I've had these ones since I was about 11 and then I would be totally happy with my dressing table.
The theme of my room is pink and turquoise as you can probably see. I really like these colours as I think they're super feminine, bright and fresh. Also, a lot of decorations in stores come in these colours so I am pretty happy with my theme choice. 
I got my duvet in Homestore & More for €35 and I really love it. All the colours are so pretty. The inside is turquoise with white chevron stripes which I like. It's the little details.
I thought I would throw in a picture of Nicky for the cuteness factor. Can we just take a moment to awwhhh over him! I do love that dog.
I spend far too much time chilling on my bed, on my phone in my onesie. I adore this one from Penneys (Primark) for €10...bargain! I need to get another for when this is in the wash. There was so many other cute ones I kind of want them all anyway. 
The part of my room that I really really want to do up is my desk and shelf area. I want to get some cute desk organisation things for on top of my desk, I would love to get a notice board to put on the wall in front of it but I can't find a suitable one anywhere. If you know of cute noticeboards anywhere let me know in the comments please!
For my shelf I would love to get some more ornaments. I need to put a couple more of my books on it (the others are in shelves under my desk) maybe get a cute book end. I'm thinking a giant 'S', I also want to get some fake flowers and maybe a cute frame and some other little ornaments that catch my eye. I might do a blog post of my desk and shelf area when I get around to doing it up. That could be fun!
It was such a lovely day this morning. I love to see blue skies in winter even if it's still freezing. It's always so much easier to get up when the brightness creeps in through the curtains and the sun rises in my window, yay!
I hope you liked this slightly different blog post from me. Let me know in the comments if you love home décor as much as I do. Talk to you all soon!

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Elle N said...

I love posts like this! Such a cute dog may I say :) I have some fairy lights similar to the heart ones you have, I think they are lovely just to add some light and a bit of decoration to an area, great post!

Elle x
Notes of Petranella

RazMaTaz said...

I love your room! Those heart shaped fairy lights are so cute and the view from your bedroom window is stunning! So beautiful. Xx


Erin said...

Beautiful room! x

Kirsty B said...

Love the fairy lights and think the little quotes are great!! X

Sinead Dreaming said...

I love posts like this too, I just had to do one even though my room is not exactly blog worthy! haha x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Thanks! I guess it is a nice view, I should appreciate it more! x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Thanks my dear :) x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Thanks. I went through a phase of drawing out quotes haha x

Kiki Mincks said...

Your bedroom is so cute. I really love those little cups your makeup brushes were in. Not to mention how cute are your pjs?! (:


keydreamer said...

Oh gosh I just love all the home decor!! They are absolutely adorable!! I have star shaped fairy lights and I just love them so much. I am completely jealous of your onesie since I've wanted one for so long but still don't have one, but maybe one day I will. Love the post by the way!


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