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14 Dec 2014

#100HappyDays Weekly Round-Up 5

L - R
Day 29 - Sunday 07/12/14 | Booked my flights to Italy today babeeeeeey! I'm not going until next June but I am so excited that I've already set a countdown on my phone haha.

Day 30 - Monday 08/12/14 | Pretty winters sky tonight. It was so pink and pretty. It looked and was so cold. The temperatures have really dropped this week and it's gotten super frosty.

Day 31 - Tuesday 09/12/14 | Tea with friends in Costa was the highlight of my Monday. It's nice to relax and have a catch up every now and then.

Day 32 - Wednesday 10/12/14 | On Wednesday I went Christmas shopping with my sister to Athlone. This is a picture of the entrance of one of the shopping centres with it's pretty Christmas lights. I finished up my shopping today and now have bought all my Christmas pressies. What a relief that is!

Day 33 - Thursday 11/12/14 | We put the Christmas tree up today. Everything is beginning to look a lot like Christmas now.

Day 34 - Friday 12/12/14 | I couldn't not include a Nicky picture! He looks a bit demented with the flash in his eyes but I thought it was a cute one of him posing next to the cushion. 

Day 35 - Saturday 13/12/14 | Finishing Christmas decoration touches. I love this little Xmas tree we bought. Festive décor is oh so cute, am I right?

There we have it, some happy snaps from my week. I would love to hear what you got up to this week. Did you do anything exciting? Let me know in the comments. 

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Kiki Mincks said...

Your pup is so precious! (:


Eena said...

Lovely photos! The picture of the sky is my absolute favorite :)


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