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7 Dec 2014

#100HappyDays Weekly Round-Up 4

Day 22 - Sunday 30/11/14 | Yummy cheese cake my sister made complete with strawberries and blueberries. It was delicious but I would be lying if I said I finished that whole bowl!

Day 23 - Monday 01/12/14 | Monday I was incredibly sick, vomiting all day so there wasn't anything in that day that was particularly 'happy' but I guess it was nice to spend the day in my jammies. 

Day 24 - Tuesday 02/12/14 | Tuesday was another super sick day but it was a lovely sunny and frosty day so opening my curtains to a blue sky and some white on the grass was pretty nice.

Day 25 - Wednesday 03/12/14 | I was all better by Wednesday and was stuffing my face with fast food. Sure, why not! I love chicken burgers, they are always my first choice.

Day 26 - Thursday 04/12/14 | Thursday I treated myself to this scarf from Miss Selfridge. It was like €25 which I think is a lot for a scarf but hey, I'll wear it most days and I thought I totes deserved something nice after my awful sickly week haha!

Day 27 - Friday 05/12/14 | Friday I went shopping with my sister and one of her daughters. It was so festive in the city and I felt really Christmassy. However, I thought these sweets looked pretty cool and instagramable so I took a pic of them for my happy snap.

Day 28 - Saturday 06/12/14 | I bought a Christmas jumper for Nicky on Friday in Penneys (Primark) and he looked oh-so cute in it! he actually loves wearing it. He is totally the kind of dog that suits a Christmas jumper. 

I hope you liked this quick weekly round-up! I also hope you all had an amazing first week of December! let me know in the comments something that happened in your week that made you happy. 

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M said...

Haha. I love how there's always something short and sweet that's happy in every day :)

The Life of Little Me

Nixie johnson said...

Hey Sinead, I'm glad you are feeling better now :) Its such a lovely idea to find something happy in everyday. I tagged you in my recent post

The Me Time Tag: Christmas Edition


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