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6 Nov 2014

Teacher Problems...

  • You literally have a panic attack when you realise you haven't printed out the handouts right before class.
  • When another teacher enters your classroom you give EVERYONE the evil eyes to behave so you look good.
  • When you ignore the stack of grading that has to be done and a couple of days later it has grown so much that climbing Mount Everest sounds like a more appealing option.
  •  Outside of school, when two people are trying to talk to you at once you quickly lose it and say "Only one person speaking at a time" at which point your friends/family look at you like you're an absolute psycho.
  • You will never EVER understand the younger students' excitement over cleaning the white board at the end of class. They actually fight over it?!
  • Clicking pens and beeping net books - THE WORST NOISE EVER.
  •  When you have an argument with someone they always tell you that you're speaking to them like a child.
  • When the kids are misbehaving in a class you have spent ages preparing and were really excited to teach - you literally want to quit and become a stripper there and then.
  • You used to think you were young and down with the kids, now hanging out with so many teenagers... you know for sure you most definitely are not.
  • The awkward moment when you go completely blank and forget what you're teaching.
  • The awkward moment when a student asks you something or says something and you have absolutely NO IDEA how to respond so you quickly change the subject.
  • You have had 25 people stare at you whilst blowing your nose because apparently that's much more interesting than poetry or plate tectonics.
  • 'Miss', 'miss', 'miss', 'miss', from 17 different students makes you want to scream from the high hells...If I have to say hands up first one more time.
  • When you come home you literally cannot think for the evening because you've spent ALL day thinking what with the 16 million questions you were asked. 
  • Apparently you go deaf when you start writing on the board and turn your backs to the students. 
I hope this gives you some insight in to a teachers thought bubble haha. When I was a student I sometimes thought teachers were crazy and often over reacted. That is not the case, I now COMPLETELY emphatise with every single one of them haha.

This is just a fun kind of post in case you think I am losing it and have no patience, I really do... I keep most of these thoughts and frustrations underwraps ;) Expect a part 2 soon as I have SO many more teacher problems. hehe.

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    Kiki Mincks said...

    I really respect the life of a teacher. It's like having 30 children of your own. haha



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