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27 Nov 2014

Teacher Problems - Part 2

At the beginning of the month I wrote this blog post about 'teacher problems'. When I was writing it I came up with so many silly little points so I decided to split it in to two posts! Here are some more probz...
  • You have developed a very loud and clear tone of voice so you constantly have a sore throat.
  • You literally want to cry when you have to repeat yourself more than twice.. or worse still when a student asks a question when the answer is on the board. 
  •  No one at home can ask you too many questions because ALL you do all day is answer questions - usually the same one.
  • Standing in front of a misbehaving students desk, putting your hands on their desk and looking into their eyes with a straight face for 5 seconds is more effective than any words. Unfortunately it's also much more difficult to do.
  • Those INSANE excuses from students that make you wonder if they genuinely think you were born yesterday. Do I look like a complete idiot?!
  •  When someone is having a baby and is asking for your opinion on names, you dislike them all.
  • When you briefly mention something about your outside life and students CANNOT believe you are a real person with an actual life and are oh so interested to find out every detail!
  • When a student corrects your spelling on the whiteboard you say 'thank you' but inside you're thinking 'I hate you for embarrassing me'
  •  You will not go within a five mile radius of the town you teach in without looking well put together in-case you run in to a student.
  • You cannot change you hair without at least 10 teenage girls asking you if you changed it. YES clearly I did, why do you need to ask? (harmless personal questions are just generally really annoying from students and you turn bitch mode when they ask you anything that isn't to do with the topic)
  • When a student comes to class without a pen or book you want to pull all of your hair out and weep for future generations.
  • When a students asks if they can use the bathroom!!! YOU JUST HAD BREAK, LIKE WHAT THE HELL #lostit!
  • The students get SO unbelievably excited when you have a laugh with them that trying to reel them back in to the lesson is like trying to hold 25 corks under water at once. 
  • You can read straight through anyone who is lying. Yup you have an amazing radar for bullshit. This of course is not a problem but very handy both on and off the job ;)
  • You have a smart and logical come back for absolutely everything. No one can slag you. Again, this is not a problem but very useful in day to day life ;)
  • White board markers are your bobby pins - you have so many but lose them all, except the rubbish green ones of course.
And there we have it some more teacher problems! I could probably come up with at least 2 more posts haha. I've really enjoyed writing and sharing these posts because I feel like it's a very big part of my personality that I never talk about or express on here. I definitely am a very different person in the classroom compared to, for example, with my friends or even in the staffroom! I think it's funny because so many of my friends say to me "I would love to see you teaching, I can't imagine it at all" whereas my students' know a completely different version of me and probably think I don't do anything in my life but think about English or Geography (my subjects) and spend my evenings in the library :P Sometimes I even find it hard to understand how I am both people, but I am :)

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Chasing Rubies ChasingPearls said...

Great post ! Lovely blog x


Nixie johnson said...

This is hilarious Sinead! It reminds me of when I was in national school.
Nixe x

Kiki Mincks said...

Aw the life of a teacher. haha. Seriously I dont know how you guys deal with kids 24/7. Some children are just down right cruel. So much respect!


Sinead Dreaming said...

Trust me, I know. Haha! Thanks so much x


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