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25 Nov 2014

Simple Things I Love

Listening to the wind roar outside my window whilst I am tucked up in my warm and cosy bed.

Going for long walks through the woods. They are so pretty, quiet and oh so peaceful!

Cuddles with Nicky (my puppy) he makes me feel all loved (nawwh haha) as they say 'dogs never lie about love'

Waking up to a text from someone I am close to - the best start to any day.

Warming my hands on a cup of tea when I am freezing.

Long bus or train journeys - an excuse to spend lots of time relaxing, reading, watching YouTube or just playing a silly game on my phone.

The smell of my mums baking - she is always baking buns, bread and apple tarts.

When my little Nephew says my name - it's a rare occurrence and he doesn't have many other words so it really makes me smile!

Saturday nights in watching the X Factor with a pizza or some chocolate.

Not having to wake up to an alarm but getting to lay in bed for a bit after waking.

Having a tidy room with a clear and organised desk, make-up & wardrobe.

Oh boy, I do love a good list. What are some of the simple things that make you really happy in life? I think it's so nice to try and think of the littlest of things that make you smile, that's what life is all about really, hey?!

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Kiki Mincks said...

An organized area always makes me sleep better at night. Walks through the woods dont hurt either. Especially after a rain in the fall. I love the smell of cold, wet plants. (:

Teeny Titch said...

Lovely photo :)

Sinead Dreaming said...

Thanks my dear :) x

Sinead Dreaming said...

I know what you mean by the smell of wet plants :) the smell of nature in general makes me feel all refreshed and happy :) x

Elle N said...

You have so many on this list that I absolutely love too! Having a lie in is such a great feeling where you feel relaxed and no pressure to hurry to get ready, I also love walks in the woods, it is so beautiful especially in winter time :)

Elle x
Notes of Petranella

Rachel Y. said...

So important to take solace in the littlest of things! Also, lists are pretty much essential for living - well for me, at least. You got those two things down :)


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