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17 Nov 2014

Motivational Monday #7

Hey Everyone!
I think I am going to make this my last Motivational Monday as I don't like series to last too long because I find they get boring but who knows, perhaps I'll bring it back in the new year if you would all like that!

First of all, how pretty is this word art? So gorgeous! and what a lovely (and very true) quote.

I think, in today's society there is this idea that people who are very confident and 'love themselves' are stuck up and arrogant. This is so untrue, it is possible to love yourself and still know you are no better than everyone else. This is such a negative mind frame because so many young girls seem to have this idea that they should not love themselves. How many tweets or instas have you seen of young girls saying that they are ugly? I've seen too many. This reduced self worth which then means they lower their standards. They don't think they are smart, so they don't expect to get good grades, they settle for rubbish friends and boyfriends because they think they might heighten their 'worth' or 'popularity' or they think they don't deserve anything better.

Our teenage years are definitely very difficult. I too experienced so much self-doubt in my school years. I didn't think I was 'cool'. I would never talk to anyone I was unfamiliar or uncomfortable with because I thought I would say something wrong and they would think I was weird.

But as I have grown older I have gained so much more confidence and I have really learned to love myself. I have learned to look at my good qualities and tell myself that I am 'cool', I am a good person and there is no way that someone wouldn't like me. I therefore have been able to make lots of new friends. I don't think we should ever be ashamed to love ourselves. To put ourselves first, to respect ourselves and to know that we deserve only the best. I think by doing this everything else really does fall in to place. By having this mind frame we will get the best out of life, out of school, our careers, our friendships, relationships, and every aspect of our lives.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this quote and I would love for you to share any tips you might have for loving ourselves!

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