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16 Nov 2014

#100HappyDays Weekly Round-Up 1

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Day 1 - Sunday 09/11/14 | I thought what better way to start my 100 happy days challenge than with a picture of the only person who always, without fail makes me smile. My Gorgeous 2 year old Nephew. I love Sundays because my sister and her family always come for dinner so I get to spend all day with my two nieces and this little man!

Day 2 - Monday 10/11/14 | Monday's photo is of a new nail varnish I recently bought - Barry M Gelly High Shine in 'Almond'. This makes me happy because I absolutely love this colour. It's very neutral but it's still noticeable. I think it adds a lovely, classy touch. I was also super happy because it hadn't chipped after like, 5 days which is unusual for me!

Day 3 - Tuesday 11/11/14| I think my little doggy Nicky is going to be one character that is repeated throughout my 100 happy days a lot! he makes me so happy every day. It's so nice to take him on a lovely, fresh winters walk through the countryside.

Day 4 - Wednesday 12/11/14| Chillaxing with a lovely cup of tea (I LOVE TEA) and a good book (John Greene - Looking for Alaska) was definitely the most pleasant part of my Wednesday. Tea and escaping in to a book are the best things to cheer me up and stop me stressing!

Day 5 - Thursday 13/11/14 |So this was the first day I was shopping since everything became 'Christmas-ified' (you know what I mean) My niece and I fell in love with the most adorable Christmas tree decorations I have ever seen. There was a little fawn....I NEED IT!

 Day 6 - Friday 14/11/14| On Friday my sister, my cousin, their kids and I all went to stay in Dublin for the night. They were taking their kids to Disney on Ice on Saturday and I tagged along so I could go shopping with them after! When we arrived at the hotel I was starving so I ordered a lovely chicken and ham pizza, chips and my Sister, Cousin and I all enjoyed 2 bottles of wine between us.

Day 7 - Saturday 15/11/14 Saturday was a fantastic day. We all went shopping in this beautiful shopping centre in Co. Kildare (just outside Dublin) I bought lots of winter clothes as I badly needed some jumpers! We then went to Kildare Village Outlet which is the most picturesque place ever. It's all designer stores and I spent the majority of my time in Jack Wills and Superdry. This photo is of my Sister and one of her daughters on this lovely sledge in the outlet. Everything was so Christmas-y and beautiful!

And there we have it - my first 100 happy days weekly round-up! I'm really enjoying taking a picture a day and I shall have next weeks summary up next weekend. Until then, I would love to hear what the highlight of your week has been in the comments!

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Kiki Mincks said...

Looks like you had a good time with your family. (: Nicky is so cute!


Meg Kernaghan said...

I love that photo of Nicky!


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