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9 Nov 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge

Hey Everyone!
So I am sure you have all heard of the '100 Happy Days' challenge. Basically it involves taking a picture of something that made you happy each day and uploading it with #100happydays. I am usually the person who sees these things and never considers doing them because I'm not good with commitment haha. But after checking out the website I discovered all of the benefits of it.
 Apparently people who complete the challenge:
  • Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
  • Be in a better mood every day;
  •  Start receiving more compliments from other people;
  •  Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
  •  Become more optimistic;
  •  Fall in love during the challenge.
Umm, yes! I'll take all of the above! So I have decided to challenge myself to complete this here on my blog. Don't worry that doesn't mean a blog post every single day. God that would get very very boring. Instead I'm going to do 1 post at the weekend, either Saturday or Sunday with a 'Catch-Up'of the week. Here I will share the 7 photos I have taken throughout the week along with a sentence or two about what it is and why it made me happy. 

I decided to start this challenge right now! From Sunday November 9th. That way my 100 happy days will last until around mid-February. Therefore it will include Christmas, New Years and my birthday so hopefully there will be lots of happiness to capture. 

You can expect my first #100HappyDays Weekly Round-Up next weekend. It will be the first of 14 blog posts in total. I hope I stick to doing these and I hope you enjoy reading them. I'm excited to save these memories for the future.

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uncustomary said...

I've seen this floating around the internet and social media, and I love it. It's something I do every day on my own (in my happy journal), so I guess I should probably join in! But I hope you enjoy this experience and that you're able to do the whole hundred days!

Uncustomary Art.


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