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29 Oct 2014

You know you're a country girl when...

  • Your closest neighbours are animals not humans.
  • You think you are actually going to suffocate when you go in to a big city and you just cannot fathom how many buildings and people there are.
  • The fact that some people have lived to be 20 without ever seeing a cow is absolutely unbelievable to you and you think they must be some kind of alien creature!
  • Grass grows in the middle of some roads around you and that is completely normal.
  • When you meet an oncoming car on the road you ALWAYS salute.
  • You are always the slowest to find change for a city bus and you panic in the rush of it all as the 'professional' city dwellers get impatient. You can't handle the fast paced life!
  • You spent your childhood running through fields, climbing trees and jumping across bales of hay.
  • As a kid you used to dare each other to touch electric fences.
  • There is NOTHING within an acceptable walking distance of you, apart from fields and other houses.
  • When someone walks down the road past your house you usually know who they are and if you don't, everyone's very curious.
  • Being delayed because you are stuck behind a tractor happens every.single.day.

So fellow country peeps, am I right? what else would you add. You city folk...I hope this gave a little insight into the life of a country girl, haha.

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Kiki Mincks said...

This is so true! I grew up in the middle of no where and moved to the "city" to be closer to work and friends. We've lived there for almost two years now and I'm totally done. So ready to be secluded and away from the hostility of city living. I feel like country people are just happier.


Laura Bentley said...

This is absoloutely brilliant! I love it and totally agree!

Erin said...

Haha I can relate to some of these and I've been a city girl my whole life.

Anna said...

what a funny post :) really made me giggle. I can relate to the people one, if someone we don't know comes on our cul-de-sac everyone is aware & curious xxx

Nieves said...

"The fact that some people have lived to be 20 without ever seeing a cow is absolutely unbelievable to you and you think they must be some kind of alien creature!" Hahaha I think that!!
I think it's all true!!! People from city are a little weird haha


Elle N said...

Girl you have it spot on here! I actually did not know how to properly cross a main road until I went to University, in the countryside I don't have to worry about traffic lights and looking in different directions to check I am not going to be run over by a bus, Smells too! I am so used to farm smells and animal manure but when my city friends come to visit they cannot stand it and wonder how I put up with it

Elle x
Notes of Petranella

Nixie johnson said...

This was hilarious & 100% spot on!
Nixie xx



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