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18 Oct 2014

Random Ramblings | True Friendship

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Ok this is a really long and rambly one so be prepared! I'm just feeling all in love with my best friend at the moment and I need to write, write, write!

A couple of weekends ago I celebrated my best friends 21st birthday with her. It was a wonderful night full of food, laughing and dancing. Her family and friends were all there to celebrate with each other and show her how much we all love her. At one point in the night, whilst she was sitting on her chair receiving her traditional 21 kisses I looked around and realized that all of her friends that were there, (and there were dozens of them) all only got to know her in the past 5 years or so. I was the only one who was her friend since the beginning. Literally since the very first day of primary school when we were 4 years old and suddenly I felt overcome with emotion and love for her. I felt so happy and privileged that I got to be a constant in her life.

Her and I were joined at the hip throughout primary school. She literally was my childhood. She spent the summer at my house on sleepovers and even came on holidays with my family and I. We have so many memories together that stretch so far back that they are very foggy in my mind. We have secrets that still only the two of us know. We spent hours upon hours playing with our baby borns, barbies, or the play station, which ever took our fancy.

However, we weren't always best friends, in fact whilst we were in secondary school we fell out for a bit, drifted apart so to speak. We hung out with different people, had different best friends and there was awhile when we didn't even speak to each other even though we were in the same classroom. Not because we disliked each other but just because, for whatever reason, we lost interest in each others lives. For a couple of years we were strangers to each other but inside, even though I didn't know her anymore and she now had people who were so much closer to her, I always felt that I knew the real her better than anyone else and I knew that if anything was to ever happen she would be there for me in a heartbeat.

As secondary school drew to a close, and the last few months of it reeled in we suddenly started talking to each other again, talking to each other a lot! I think we both subconsciously knew that these were the last few months of us seeing each other every single day like we had done our entire lives and we started to cling on to each other again.

Even though we were on opposite sides of the country in University we made it a priority to stay in touch. She gave me my best childhood memories and my best young adult memories, from dollys and prams to boys and nightclubs. She has always been there for me for everything. And even though we drift in and out of each others lives I always know that she loves me and she knows I love her too. Last February for my 21st we hadn't seen or spoken to each other in a couple of months, simply because we were busy with our own lives. But she was quick to drop everything and come to my birthday. And when she did it's like we had never stopped speaking, we picked things right up, and there was no awkwardness or uncomfortableness whatsoever.

We have both had so many other friends, most of whom have come and gone from our lives. She is the only one that never truly goes and always comes back. None of our best friends from school were at our 21st's but we were there for each other.

These lasts couples of months we have been closer than we have ever been and it is fantastic to share our adult lives, and all the trials and tribulations of it with eachother. Because of her I have met so many people and have had such an amazing summer. Out of all the people in the world I owe her everything for adding so much to my life, it would have been so grey without her and I hope she continuous to add so much colour to it.

So in that moment when I was looking at her sitting on her chair receiving kisses from all of these friends I felt so happy that she is so loved, because she deserves it. I felt so lucky to have such a strong connection with someone that has lasted 17 years. Our whole past and my feelings for her came rushing to my mind and I ran to give her her 17th kiss. I meant it so god damn much.

"True friendship isn't about being inseparable, it's about being separated and nothing changes"

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Lollyb16499 said...

I really loved this post!! It hit home allot, I am currently drifitng away from my best friend of 11 years just as you said you did and I really hope that our friendship will be able to be like yours! <3 I love your blog btw! xx

Anna said...

awwww, what a lovely post! :) when you said about it being a rambly kind of post a part inside me went "YESSSSSS!"...you could say I like a randomly post & also friendships like this too <3 xxxx

Kiki Mincks said...

This is a beautiful post. They say friendships that can last seven years will last a lifetime. My best friend and I have known each other 15. At 24 years old I'd say that's a big deal. Bless you and your best friend. Thank you for sharing your story. (:


Rachel Y. said...

I know exactly what you mean. Old friends are to be treasured - and coming back to old friends and picking right up where we left off is the best. Despite the physical distance and whatever circumstances may arise, true friends are there for each other. It's marvellous how long you've been in each others' lives! :)
Congratulations on your recent graduation, as well xo


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