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4 Oct 2014

Random Ramblings | The Power of Compliments

Do you ever feel really worthless and down about who you are and how you look? Like nobody cares about you or nobody would like to be associated with you. Every day so many of us get up extra early in the morning so we can put on a full face of make-up, straighten or curl our hair, chose a well thought out fashionable outfit, spray on some of that expensive perfume. We may say we do this for our own benefits, to feel good and confident. But, I, someone who definitely will admit to doing all this in order to look 'pretty' or whatever society thinks pretty is can honestly say that yes, I do it to feel confident but I also do it to please other people. For them to accept me, for them to like me, for them to feel like I am someone who they would want to get to know.

Do you ever see another girl and think 'wow they are such an awesome person', 'she is so beautiful', 'I wish I was her' or 'she gives off such great vibes and energy - I love being around her'. I definitely think this about people all the time, whether they be friends I am hanging out with, someone I've just met or a stranger across the road. But how often do we actually voice those opinions, how often do we go over and tell them 'you look amazing today'. For me? I'd say 1 time out of 10. 

Now you, who is feeling crappy about who they are and are trying to be 'pretty' everyday look on in envy at that 'perfect' woman. But for someone else, you could be that 'perfect' woman. You could be someone that people look at and think 'she is such an awesome person' or 'she looks so stunning today'. But how would you know if in the majority of cases people never say those thoughts out loud and share them with you? 

That person you look at and think is amazing could be going through a really tough time, even though they mightn't seem it on the outside they could have huge self esteem issues, they could feel not good enough and insecure. So why not tell them? Why not give them that compliment? you have the power to make them smile, to make their day, or who knows, it might even save their lives.

So the next time you see someone you admire, I challenge you to TELL THEM.

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Lollyb16499 said...

Your blog is so amazing!!! I love all the things you write!!!

Melissa Ortiz said...

aw, this is so sweet. I honestly do have those thoughts in my head from time to time. The other day, this woman at the grocery store (a complete stranger) told me I looked pretty. Seriously made me so happy! haha It made me realize that compliments are extremely powerful because, as you mentioned, it could make somebody's day :) !

Miglė said...

I somehow missed couple of your posts and now as I'm reading them all, I can say that I absolutely love your blog!

Miglė x
| Meet Me On The Balcony

Anna said...

first off, I did burst into song in my head at the beginning.....do you ever feel like a plastic bag?....cos baby youre a firework!

ok, back to the actual comment :)

I really enjoy reading your blog Sinead, just something about your style of writing :) & this is a superb post! I don't know if I'd dare compliment someone that sounds really weird & mean :/ xxx

aclame said...

great words:)


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