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11 Oct 2014

Random Ramblings | My Flirting Incapablities

Hey Everyone!
So I want to share some more stories and little life experiences here on my blog because I think it can be fun to hear about things that happen to others even if they do not benefit you in the slightest from knowing! So I thought I would start off with something a bit fun and light hearted to talk about with you guys today.

Two weekends ago at my friends party I met so many of her uni friends, most of them were boys and they were all so lovely. One of them in particular was an EXTREME flirt. I mean I've never been flirted with so hard (is that a saying?) and it made me realise how absolute rubbish I am at responding to advances in an any way smooth or non awkward, I am a disaster at flirting!

It all started when we were on the bus from her house in to town. He sat beside me and was SO unbelievably confident it was quiet intimidating. The whole journey there him and the other guys joked about him liking me and wanting to kiss me sometime. He told me his name and said "Remember that name for when you're telling everyone who you got with tonight", When he would tell a good joke he would look at me and say playfully "see I'm really funny" whilst all the other guys busted their asses laughing at him. I had no idea what to say or how to respond. I mean what do you say? He was very good looking and charming but I just could not ever come up with a good response to his flirting which left things kind of awkward and him asking me to send him some good vibes. haha. When we got off the bus he joked "you're free from me now, until the pub".

When we got to the pub I walked down to the dance floor to see him in front of me, he quickly turned around and asked if I was following him. Umm no.

At one stage the 'Galway Girl' song came on and he started dancing with me in front of everyone, pointing out my black hair and blue eyes, insisting that I am the real Galway girl. Cringe. What do you do in this situation? Awkward.

Then when we were going home he grabbed my hand and made me run with him to the bus. He kept joking saying he hoped he would get a seat beside me. He did. Sigh. He then proceeded to play footsies with me and I didn't think it could get any worse until he told me I looked like Megan Fox. Good lord.

Back at the house he joked with our friend who was trying to sort out beds for 16 of us saying that we would sleep in the same room. He was joking, but still...what do you say? I was so uncool and responded with a laugh to most of his comments whilst everyone else laughed and pointed out how awkward I looked.

Before we went to bed, we were playing with a kitten, whilst he was holding him he looked at me and said "see I'm really sensitive" which provided everyone with much amusement once again. 

 At one point when we were going to bed he passed me with nothing but his boxers on. He then looked at me, covered his package, shouted 'ahh don't look' and ran whilst everyone bust their asses laughing at him.

In the morning, I came down for breakfast to "ahh Sinead, I didn't see you there, you brightened my day"..... I mean can someone please tell me how do you respond to this?

Later, he made a comment about size not always mattering, he then looked over at me and said "but sometimes it does" criiiinge.....

The craziness ended with me dropping some of them to the train station. Of course he managed to get shot gun in my car and jokingly pretended to put his arm around me as the others pulled off in another car. Oh God. Finally, he gave me his snap chat name which was a play on 'Prince Charming' (obviously I won't put up what it actually was) how typical, charming he was!

I mean it all wouldn't have been so bad if there wasn't 20 people looking at my reaction every time and laughing at how awkward I looked.

Is anyone else really rubbish at responding to things like this. I felt so stupid and un-smooth. I wish I had something smart to say to all of his comments but I just said nothing and laughed whilst everyone cringed at me.

And the....
Goes to.... ME!!!

Hehe I quiet like documenting these little things, I think they will be fun to read in the future when I have forgotten - here's to more posts like these on my blog! :)

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