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24 Oct 2014

Pros & Cons of Being Single!


So today I was inspired to write a fun post about the pros and cons of singleness. I have a good bit of experience of being in a relationship and being single so I should know, right? haha. These are definitely not universal. They are just based on my personal experiences so a lot of you will disagree as everyone's experiences are different!

PRO You can talk to absolutely any guy you want in peace! There will be no one getting jealous or possessive.
CON Every guy you do talk to, and knows you are single will presume you are flirting with them if you are being really nice. They will probably try it on with you which can be really awkward! It's pretty difficult to have a guy friend when you're single...they all presume you're looking for a boyfriend and think they are the perfect option!

PRO You can go wherever you want, whenever you want and do WHATEVER. You don't have to consider anyone else! For me, this is awesoooome.
CON You don't have the security of having someone who is guaranteed to go places and do those things with you!

PRO Christmas and Valentines are no longer stressful times where you wreck your head trying to think what on earth your boy would like and there is no pressure to be a fabulous girlfriend.
CON You don't have anyone who will definitely be getting you a really awesome present. Lol.

PRO Being able to kiss anyone you like is GREAT and you never get bored with all that diversity haha. You are freeeee.
CON If you do feel like a kiss or cuddle, you have no one sure to the deed!

PRO You don't have anyone elses problems and complaints to worry about, you only have to deal with your own!
CON You don't have anyone who is obliged to listen to your crap haha.

PRO You have so much less drama in your life so you are so much happier!
CON You have so much less 'sexy time' in your life so you are so much, um, sadder :P

PRO You don't have to shave your legs no more!!!!
CON You therefore don't feel like a woman no more :P

And there we have it? which is better...hmmm? It's hard to decided. For me, personally, I LOVE being single. I know for a fact that my last year wouldn't have been as happy if I was in a relationship because I needed this time to grow and find out who I am on my own! However, being in a relationship can be fantastic BUT only if it's with the right person, if not singleness wins every time. So therefore, my status is only changing if someone ah-mazing comes along, and is totally worth my time! I think that's the way it should be ;)

What do you consider to be the pros and cons of being single vs in a relationship?

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Carly Kaste said...

The struggles. </3 Can't say I have a clue what being anything other than single is like though, so for now I've got nothing to compare it to. I like the *idea* of being in a relationship, but gosh, sometimes I question if it would be more worth it to keep this up and break a record or something, HA.

Nicole Rose said...

This post - SO relatable. :)

xx Nicole Rose

M said...

All girls schools have problems

Anna said...

absolutely LOVE your new header! (I'm writing this before I've even read the post :P ) now to the post....

well this post really made me chuckle! I'm still chuckling that you put 'sexy time' in there! haha

I'm all for the pros at the minute! :) I'm quite happy being on my own, that could sound really sad...good job I don't like cats otherwise I could be turning into crazy cat lady ;)


Rose Paddington said...

the best pro: you don't have to shave legs haha, it made me laugh so hard! xx

Kirsty B said...

Haha love this!! Totally agree buuuuttt.. I've always been single so never really experienced being in relationships -Kirsty x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Haha awh you have plenty of time for all that relationship stuff sure ;) x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Glad you thought so :) x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Haha awhh, plenty of time after school sure ;) x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Thanks. I'm really going to try to stop changing my header constantly now, I just love a fresh update haha.

Glad you got a giggle from it, that was the aim :D

High five for being single haha x

Sinead Dreaming said...

It really is fantastic though haha x

Sinead Dreaming said...

So glad you liked it Kirsty :D x

Cherie said...

Very accurate post. I love that I don't have to shave my legs... but I do feel gross when I skip it for more than a couple of days! And I love the freedom to do what I want without having to take anyone else's plans into consideration.. there are things I miss about being in a relationship, but I'm content with singleness for now!

Single solidarity!


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