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27 Oct 2014

Motivational Monday #4

Hey Everyone!

Today's 'Motivational Monday' is about not letting the past hold you back. I think that this is something we all do. It's fair to say that I do this just as much as everyone else - I have spent innumerable days feeling lousy or upset because of something that has happened in the days previous. Instead of letting it go and seizing the day I have wasted plenty of time dwelling on the past and what good does that do? zilch. If it's something small and not too important in the grand scheme of things I think we have the power to actually make the choice to forget about it whether it be by  deciding to sort it out, distracting yourself, focusing on happy things or whatever works for you! sometimes we just got to find a way to move on, forgive and forget if that's the case and not waste another day feeling completely glum.

Also, there is plenty of things that I am afraid to do because maybe, I haven't been successful in  the past and I presume history will repeat itself. I find it extremely hard to have the courage or confidence if I have failed before. I guess the best thing to do in these situations is to accept the past as a lesson, learn from it, try not to make the same mistakes again and hopefully it will work out this time round. 

What advice would you offer for leaving the past in the past and making the most of today? Let us all know in the comments!

Initially I only planned to do 'Motivational Monday' for the month of October but let me know if you would like me to continue doing them through November too!

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Carly Kaste said...

I like Motivation Monday, I think it would be a cool regular thing. :) This one is one I needed to hear from somebody else.

Kiki Mincks said...

Yes! More of us need to live in the now rather than the then. (:


uncustomary said...

It's so easy to overthink, analyze, and get hung up on things that already happened. (And I believe that women tend to have a harder time with this than men, in general.) The best advice I can give is to create some sort of ritual you can do that will take your mind off it, and then immediately dive into something else.

Rachel Y. said...

I am so guilty of holding onto the past. It's empowering to see you pull yourself out of these situations, coming on top every single time.
I think Motivational Monday, as Carly said, would be great on a regular basis. I certainly need uplifting throughout the months! Thanks for all of your positivity thus far. :)


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