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20 Oct 2014

Motivational Monday #3

Hey everyone, Happy Monday! I hope you are all happy and enthusiastic for the coming week. This weeks motivational Monday is all about being grateful for what you have done, and what you have achieved instead of worrying about all the things you have yet to do in life. I really love this quote, I think it's so important to stop and think about how far you have come and give yourself a little pat on the back. We always get caught up on what we want to do or achieve and when we do achieve them I feel like we don't take enough time to feel proud or grateful, instead we start thinking about what is next on our list to get us to where we want to be. 

I can relate to this so much lately as I am looking for my first teaching job, it is so difficult to find anything, it's very stressful and sometimes I feel down, or like I am useless because no one is willing to employ me yet. In all honestly, waiting around for a job does make me feel like a waste of space or like I am doing nothing with my life sometimes. However, tomorrow is my post-grad graduation and preparing for it has made me realise that yes, I am not where I want to be but I am not where I was, I have come so far, even in just one year...I am a qualified teacher now, and I am only 21. I have plenty of time to find that job and find my way to the place where I want to be. So tomorrow, I am going to celebrate how far I have come and appreciate my achievements, I am going to try not to worry about the future so much.

I think all of you can relate to this quote in a way, whether it's to do with your academic or work life, your health, or any other personal issues I am sure if you stop and think you will realise that you have already come so far, take pride and happiness in that, it will only motivate you to go even further. 

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Anonymous said...

I value this quote. I think everyone needs to remember this sometimes. Congratulations on becoming a qualified teacher! Much love. Peachy x


Laura Bentley said...

Big congratulations!!!! This is such a needed quote rn! xx

Anna said...

What a lovely quote :) I'm all for living in the now right now & of course occasionally looking back at how far I've come :) I mean like what...I have work this afternoon, this time last year...COMPLETELY different! hope you're well <3 xxx


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