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6 Oct 2014

Motivational Monday #1

Hey Everyone! So I have decided to do lots and lots of blog posts throughout the month of October - I'm really going to be focusing on my blog this month, horay! I have a schedule of different types of blog posts for 5 days of the week and on Mondays...you guessed it! Motivational Monday, yayyyy!

So my first motivational Monday of the month is "Be the type of person you want to meet" I've only just seen this quote for the first time fairly recently and it really struck a cord with me. It is so true. I think if we all treated everyone we met with kindness and respect the world would be such a better place. Whether it be being polite and friendly to the lady at the checkout and telling them to have a nice day, giving a friend a compliment or simply smiling at a stranger on a street there are so many things we can do to spread positivity, make other people smile and to be someone they are glad to have met.

The other day I was parking my car in a pay and display car park in the city, as I was going up to the machine to pay my €4 for the ticket a lovely lady came running over to me to give me hers as she was leaving and they last all day. I was so grateful of her kindness, she did something for someone that did not benefit her in the slightest. I was glad to have met her. So later in the day when I was leaving, I decided to be the person I would like to meet and give my ticket over to another woman who was coming in as I was leaving. (Nobody tell the county council of this cheating haha) it was so lovely to see how delighted she was and she could not thank me enough. It was such a lovely feeling to make someone smile like that.

What do you think of this quote? Do you agree that being the person you would like to meet is a good concept and a great way to spread positivity and kindness?

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Kiki said...

The world needs more positive and friendly people in it. We should all shrive to be our very best and treat each other with kindness. (: I love motivational Monday posts. They are a great read for getting rid of those Monday blues. (:


Rachael said...

If we're heading from our back to our car in a car park and see a parking meter that's nearly running out, often we stick a quarter in, just because - karma and all.

Anna said...

I love this quote :) & awww at the car park situation, I ALWAYS pass my ticket on if there is plenty of time left, if I only nipped in to the supermarket for a few bits or in a few shops...it always makes someone smile :) let's spread the love, joy & happiness! :) xxx


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