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15 Oct 2014

A Sunday by the Sea

 Hey Everyone,
Last Sunday was such a beautiful day. I seriously cannot believe how lovely the weather is for mid-October, by this stage of the year it's usually fairly cold, grey, dull and probably wet. But nope, not this year, it's glorious! 

My friends and I thought that this could possibly be our last nice day of the year as we really felt like it couldn't last much longer so we decided to go to the sea side! I really love being a short drive from the coast. I think I would feel so trapped if I lived far in land. There is something so freeing about the ocean. It's like looking out into the vastness of it and being able to see the horizon makes me feel like this world is full of endless possibilities and fills me with hope! that sounds so cheesy but honestly, nothing makes me feel happier or more positive about life than going somewhere naturally beautiful. And the ocean is definitely one thing that always takes my breath away. 

OK that's enough of the deep stuff, we all know how I feel about the ocean now haha. My friends and I took a lovely stroll down the promenade which is very long, we walked through the different beaches and watched people jump off the diving board, I really want to brave it and do it some day, even though I am a really bad swimmer so I might need to improve at that first, yeah might be the safer option!

After our walk we went to the Arcades/Amusements and wasted so much money on pointless games but it was funnnnn! unfortunately we didn't win anything. We all sucked at most of the grabbing things and we didn't collect enough tickets from the other games to get a decent prize so we're saving the tickets until next time!

I hope you like the pictures I took! We got some really cute selfies too. The lighting was on-point for us haha. But I don't like to put too much of myself up here that would reveal my identity to any future students of mine...that might get very awkward and I don't even want to think of the consequences if they found my blog haha! But if you want to see any of the selfies, or me in general (I doubt you would) you can request to follow me on Instagram at Dreamingagain_ I'm a bit of an Insta-addict at the moment!
Until next time, Take care!

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Laura Stanley said...

Lovely pictures!
Laura xo

Rachael said...

Gorgeous photos, I completely agree with you when you talk about how freeing the ocean is, it's the perfect place to go to clear your head, I love a long stroll along the seafront! x

What Rachael Wrote

Kiki Mincks said...

Amazing photos. I felt like I was there. (:


Nieves said...

You are the first blog I found about photography!! The photos and views are amazing! So jealous!!
I wish I can go to the beach soon!


Michaela Higgins said...

Beautiful pictures. It's lifestyle, travel, scenery posts like these that I always love. Sometimes, I save some of the pics & use them as my phone screensaver :D This was my 1st ever summer that I didn't go to Galway. And Salthill is a place that we always enjoy. Walking in the sand & heading to the ice-cream parlour afterwards :D And enjoying the fun fair (when its there in the summer) xx

M said...

These pictures of the coast look absolutely beautiful. It sounds like you had an amazing time and I'm immensely jealous here, having to go to school. Well, at least I get to see beautiful scenery on amazing blogs like your's. New follower xx

The Life of Little Me

Samantha Heather said...

On a rainy day like today, these photos make me feel so warm and lovely! Thank you x

Rachel Y. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel Y. said...

The ocean in Ireland seems ethereal! I've a friend who grew up there, and I never realised how vibrant the views were. Seems like you've shed the light on that :)
And sorry I didn't get around to doing this sooner, but thank you for all your support on my blog! I'm shocked that I haven't checked yours out until now, so I apologise for that. Consider me a dear reader now x

Sinead Dreaming said...

Awh thank you! I love your blog too :) x

Meg Kernaghan said...

Such amazing scenery and gorgeous photography! :)

Nixie johnson said...

Beautiful photos of Salthill, Seapoint was one of my favorite places to visit, when I was younger!

love your blog Sinead!



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