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30 Sep 2014

My thoughts on {that} prank video

 I just woke up like half an hour ago, I'm not even dressed or anything but I really want to talk about something that's happened recently as I have been feeling SO frustrated!!! So I'm just going to have a little spiel and let it alllll out. Kinda like therapy this blogging thing ain't it?!

So if you spend any time on social media such as twitter and YouTube you have more than likely heard about the controversy surrounding a prank video by the youtuber Sam Pepper where he goes up to random girls on the street asking them for directions whilst sneakingly pinching their bums. I have never watched any of his videos but I have been looking in to the controversy and was shocked to see that these types of videos, where women are portrayed as sexual objects were actually a frequent thing on his channel. For example, in another one of his videos he went around throwing ropes around random women on the street and refused to let them go without a kiss. Ughh.

Reading through peoples opinions on all of this, I found it terrible that there seemed to be so many young girls who did not believe that it was sexual harassment but defended him saying it was only a harmless joke. I mean, really? I don't understand how it being a 'joke' could justify it. Touching someone inappropriately, is what it is, whether it be a joke or for some stupid YouTube video or not. It angers me so much that people, both boys and girls think this is OK and not only OK but hilarious! One pathetic argument that a lot of people made was that it was OK because the girls in the video were smiling, laughing and some seemed to like it.

I have personally experienced similar abuse from guys on more than one occasion. Only last weekend I was grabbed in a nightclub (not in any sexual area) but he put his arms around me and refused to let me go, I have been cornered and refused to get away until I have given someone a kiss, and I have been grabbed 'down there' by a randomer in a nightclub. Now I am someone who does not go out THAT much in comparison to other girls my age so I think three times for something like this to happen to me is pretty shocking. It shows just how common it is. So many guys think it's totally fine to treat a woman like an object which they can claim and use. It is so disgusting and videos like these are further normalizing it.

Having experienced this, I know what it feels like, you are powerless, all you can do is smile, giggle and hope they will just let you go, you feel you have to give them that kiss because you have no idea what might happen if you don't. God knows they are so much bigger and stronger than you. So maybe those girls seemed OK with it in the video, maybe they smiled and did give the kiss but that does not mean they were OK with it. I don't know any girl that would not feel incredibly uncomfortable and scared. So please don't tell yourselves it's ok because she smiled, I know I personally feared the reaction they might give if I rejected them outright. Oh and being told afterwards that it was only a prank, would make ZERO difference to how it feels.

OK rant over, phew! I really needed to get that off my chest! I have been so frustrated. These are only my opinions and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion on it. Anyways, I'm going to go and eat some brekkie and try cool down after that haha. Do let me know in the comments what you think, I would love to hear!

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Melissa Ortiz said...

I've seen some of Sam Pepper's videos, and I was just shocked while watching his prank videos. Some of those girls look so uncomfortable & it was just uncomfortable to watch! I agree with you, it's something to be upset about because it's absolutely not okay even if it's labeled as a "joke".

Rachel Roar said...

I totally agree with what you've said - can't believe some people accepted the prank video as just a 'joke' :|

Anna said...

blogging is without a doubt therapy, use it as your space to get out whatever you want! :)

I haven't watched all of this video, just seen clips but I also watched a video revealing more about him & linking to some other stories...it's disgusting, disgraceful & extremely disrespectful!

Hope you're well other than this rant...which might of gone to the back of your mind now since it's taken me so long to read haha xxx


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