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8 Sep 2014

Monthly Favourites | August

Hey Everyone!
So I decided to start making monthly favourites a regular post here on my blog but I want to do more than just all beauty favourites which seems to be what most people do. I have written down several ideas for categories and each month I will look at that list and see if there is anything I can put under each category. So it will be slightly different every month. This month I'm going to be talking about beauty, music, movies, youtube videos, food and apps. Perhaps next month I will be talking about books, fashion or blogs, it all depends on what I'm in to each month. So lets get started with my favourites for the month of August.



My favourite beauty related products this month have got to be three Sanctuary Spa skin care products - polishing hot cloth cleanser, 5 minute thermal detox mask and the radiance exfoliator. I love all of these products they really do feel like spa like luxury and I have noticed my skin has been much better since I started using them. I use the cleanser twice a week and the other two twice a week. If you would like an in depth review on any of these products, or them all I will be sure to do one! or I could do a skin care routine post.



My favorite song this month has been 'Boom Clap' by Charli XCX. When I hear this I feel like jumping around and singing BOOM CLAP THE SOUND OF MY HEART THE BEAT GOES ON AN ON AN ON. Sorry, I'll stop now! It's such a feel good for me. I think it's really unique and unlike anything else. I love the Fault in Our Stars music video. So romantic, it's got all the feels.


Youtube Video

I'm not going to pick just one video for this month, I'm going to cheat a bit and pick a series! Sprinkle of Glitter's vlog-every-day-of-august-but-not-really-because-she-has-commitment-issues series. They definitely weren't the best made or most exciting videos of the month but I just love Louise so much that having regular videos from her on her vlog channel has been a huge treat for me. She has an amazing personality so any video she makes is a joy to watch in my opinion. They only lasted for the first half of the month...still waiting for another vlog Louise! hehe.



 Oooh food. My favourite thing in the world. The delicious thing I have been loving this month is waffles with nutella and strawberries. I mean, I can't handle how delicious this is. I can't believe I never had it before, then I feel in love with it one day in Mr Waffle, ran to Lidl to pick up the ingredients and have been enjoying them loads all month. Maybe it would be better for me if I never tried it but hey, strawberries are healthy sure haha.

 Movie / TV Show

My favourite movie this month was without a doubt 'Dead Poet's Society' starring the late great Robin Williams. This is such a great drama that makes you stop and think about life, it makes you realise that we are finite and we should make the most of every day and be true to ourselves. This movie was inspiring for me in so many ways. I liked it so much I did a blog post about it which you can read here



My favourite app this month is a pointless-time wasting game app called 'Dots' which is so damn addictive. It is a candy crush type game but a bit different. Great for those moments when you're bored waiting and need something to fidget with. Go check it out!

There we go, my favourites for last month! if there is something under any of these categories that you have been loving lately be sure to let me know in the comments.

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Kate said...

I love The Sanctuary stuff! I've only ever tried their body products though, so I'd be interested to hear a bit more about their skincare. The detox mask sounds really interesting. x

Kate Louise Blogs

Meg Kernaghan said...

Those waffles look delish!


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